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Schedule Availability Display on the Main Website

I’m still working on the format —while Safari and Chrome display it all very elegantly, Firefox and Opera fail miserably on ruby elements, so I might be looking for other, more convoluted options— but, for now, I’ve added a “waiting period for appointments” section to the home pages of the main websites (En|Ro), giving an approximation for the first available slots on weekdays and weekends.

Will do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but given that the schedule changes several times a day, at a pretty fast pace, some of the data displayed might not be accurate at times. I will be updating them as soon as I have a few minutes to fiddle with the sites and at least once a day, so probably the best time to check for availabilities would be at night, near the end of the day.

I’m working on finding the best option to bring these daily updates to my twitter and facebook feeds, but that might take a while. I’m actively avoiding (re)opening these two to the non-Japanese audience, knowing very well —and being quite wary of— the dangers of being caught up in extremely time-consuming social networks (hence the Japanese-only content I’m currently posting).

Anyway, check out the display I was talking about and see if it’s of any help.

Thanks for reading this!

2012–2013 Highlights

As I was saying —even though you couldn’t tell just by looking at this exquisitely neglected blog— this last couple of years I’ve been pretty active and had been given the opportunity to do a lot of work, a lot of very cool work.

So many pieces I’d love to show you and brag about, but instead of basically repost the hundreds of photos from my galleries, I’ve just selected —at random— a few of the ones that made an impression, and I’ll be showcasing them here, as…

Highlights of 2012-2013

  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 01]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 02]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 03]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 04]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 05]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 06]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 07]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 08]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 09]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 10]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 11]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 12]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 13]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 14]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 15]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 16]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 17]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 18]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 19]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 20]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 21]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 22]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 23]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 24]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 25]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 26]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 27]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 28]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 29]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 30]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 31]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 32]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 33]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 34]
  • [2012–2013 Highlights • № 35]

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to do some of the best works in my career! You’re well beyond “clients”; you’re “art collectors” and I’m grateful for the time, patience and inspiration you’ve been so kind to share with me.

See you in 2014.

Înapoi cu Blogu’

„În Câteva Ore, Am Tăiat-o” ziceam, și ziceam asta acum aproape doi ani, chiar înainte să dau o fugǎ-n Tailanda pentru o scurtă vacanță… Și asta a fost cam ultimul lucru pe care l-am zis; mă uit la datele din blog și nu-mi vine să cred c-am lălăit-o-n halul ăsta… Nu tu un „sunt înapoi°, nu tu un „ce-am mai făcut zilele astea”, nimic… Varianta cu vrăjeli ar fi „foarte ocupat; mult de muncă, puțin timp liber, n-am reușit să mă mai ocup de blog”; varianta scurtă ar fi „leneș” :)

Mă rog, am venit înapoi din Tailanda (acum 2 ani) și am continuat să lucrez ca de obicei. 2012 a fost cam de hăndèl, o grăma’ de probleme și căcaturi irelevante care m-au ținut din treabă… Le-am rezolvat și am reușit, în 2013, să mă pun ca lumea pe treabă și să fac o grămadă de piese barosane, mișto, mișto, mișto.

Ce n-am făcut e să mă țin de blog-ul ăsta —și sincer, nu prea am scuze, decât dacă vrei să stăm la vrăjeli— dar sunt înapoi, treburile merg bine și reușesc să-mi fac și timp, așa ca am să remediez și chestia asta… de-acum încolo :)

Probabil că n-am să stau să scot câte-o variantă-n română pentru fiecare articol, dar o vorbă-două tot o să scriu… că n-aș da pe nimic șansa de a scrie porcării cu diacritice :)

Mai scriu un articol imediat după ăsta dar, până una-alta, un an bun la toată lumea, multă sănătate și la mulți ani!

Long Time No See

Woo, it’s been a while‥! Last post was sometime in January 2012… Got a black belt in Neglecting Blogs™ but… but… I’m not proud of it… As a matter of fact, I’m so notproud of it that I’m gonna hang it in a tree right now and try to get my shit together before they give me a medal too :)

Both 2012 and 2013 have been quite active years —2012 was a little slower and I managed to get myself in all kinds of irrelevant trouble that slowed me down even further, while 2013 was quite the opposite (except for the “all kinds of irrelevant shit happening when you least expect it” part) and a very productive year too— and yet somehow I’ve managed to neglect this blog magna cum laude, to the point of actually being asked whether I was still alive… or something. I’ve done lots of work, some really cool pieces (will talk about this in a following post), met a bunch of awesome people and, generally, been as active as usual… except for having the decency to spend some of the energy on updating this, but I’m repeating myself, so I’ll proceed to actually updating it without making so much fuss… about not updating… this… *cough*

Anyway, so 2013 is almost gone, I’m looking forward to the almost 4 days of holiday ahead of me —with “almost” I’m emphasizing the fact that I’ll have to spend quite a few hours on updating thi–… here we go again… *sniff*— and I’m even more excited about the new year, which hopefully will bring lots of ups and none of the downs I’ve had to go through these last two years.

I’ll be off until Thursday, the 2nd of January, recharging my batteries, balancing my alcohol/blood ratio, most likely switching off the computer and muting my phone, preparing myself for the new year. As usual, I’ll still be reachable via e-mail or the various messaging networks, but I’ll only be replying to emergencies; otherwise, as I said, I’m going offline for a while, just to change the air and shake off all the fatigue that’s been piling up towards the end of this year.

I wish you all a great holiday and a happy new year!

Site-ul în Română E pe Fir

Am reușit să dau drumul la versiunea în Română a site-ului de la studioul de tatuaje, de găsit la

Toate paginile sunt gata, dar fututul ăsta de Mac n-are un spell checker în Română și pun pariu că sunt o grămadă de greșeli p-acolo… Mai corectez eu pe parcurs, dar am vrut să-o pun pe fir cât de repede posibil, așa că o greșeală-două acolo nu mai contează ;)

Nu știu dac-o să reușesc pân-la urmă să fac ș-un blog —că mi-e lene— dar, până una alta, am să bag toate articolele în Română în categoria asta de pe blog-ul de aici și vedem mai încolo.

Bagă un bookmark, că nu strică ;)

Romanian Website Open

The Romanian version of the tattoo studio website is now online, at Took a while to get it done —I haven’t ever typed so much Romanian in my life and the lack of a spell checker has been quite a bitch— but it’s finally there, so phew‥! :)

[ screenshot]

Updates will come at the same pace with the English and Japanese versions, but I haven’t made up my mind yet whether to add a Romanian blog to it or just stick with a dedicated category on this very blog.

But that’s for another time; right now, it’s time to sleep. ;)

Thanks for reading! Takes a Break

As I was mentioning a while ago, I’m taking the domain offline —indefinitely— and moving everything I’ve had under it to

[ MMⅢ • MMⅪ]

The e-mail address —previously— also changes to the .com one.

If you happen to have any links pointing to the Japanese site, please take a minute and rewrite them to point to the current address. You can also delete from your address books, I’m not using it anymore.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading this!

Japanese Site Relocation

To whom this may be relevant, I’ve moved the Japanese version of the main website to a new address, as follows: from to Many reasons but —basically— because the Japanese hosting company sucked at pricing (while restricting memory space, broadband, number of e-mail addresses and so on, not to mention the spam “filters” were pure crap) and it’s been a major pain in the ass trying to find a way to move the ‘.jp’ ccTLD from my current registrar to somewhere else who wouldn’t force me to bundle the registration to yet another shitty hosting service; too much of a hassle right now, so I’m letting the domain expire and will deal with it later.

[tattoo machine : 3DCG rendering]

Hopefully, I’ve dealt with the relocation smoothly enough; there shouldn’t be any broken links or anything like that. Google’s already picking up the change, a month or so and the new URL will replace the old one.

Please update your links —no rush though, I’ll be keeping the domain online until February next year, while redirecting all requests to the new address— and, if you happen to hit a 404, let me know about it so I can fix the motherfucker ;)

Thank you!

Site move

I’ve just finished moving the main website from the old URL ( to Not a big difference —it’s still under the same domain, but one directory up— and no particular reason for it, except that having it under /tattoos/ was superfluous and (maybe a little) confusing.

[eye candy]

Last night I stayed up late fixing links and sitemaps and anything else on whatever sites I have access to, so all is left is figuring out the fucking .htaccess redirects; which is a pain in the ass, because the regular rules don’t seem to work; I have Options +MultiViews enabled and that, somehow, fucks up the way Redirect permanent /tattoos/filename behaves. No biggie though, all the links on the old pages point now to the new ones and the 404s are —hopefully— as helpful as they can get :)

So, if you had any pages bookmarked, please update them by removing “tattoos/” from the URL.

Here’s a list of what goes where:

The old pages will stay in place for a little while —Google seems to have already caught up with the change so I guess a week or two should do— but won’t be updated anymore, so make sure you’re viewing the new ones (without “tattoos/” in the URL) when you visit ;)

Thanks for reading this!

WordPress 2.8.4 Under My Skin

The software gets the 2.8.4 upgrade, everything is in place —as it’s always been— all things are smooth and… boring :)

I’ve been putting this off for too long and now, that I finally managed to defeat procrastination and spare an hour for this upgrade, I’m willing to bet my life 2.8.5 comes out, like, tomorrow :)

[eye candy]

It wouldn’t be the first time and it’s not something that happens only with my blog “maintenance” habits either… About three years ago —when my box bit the dust and panic was the new black— I went to the A$$£€ Store, bought a shiny brand new (literally, the latest box at the time) iMac and resumed work… only to find out that a couple of days later the bastards released a new model, screen 2 inches wider, hard drive a few hundred gigabytes bigger, for the same price! Mother. Fucker.

It goes on and on; bottom line, luck is not my strongest point :)

Nor writing captivating articles, so I guess that’s it for now (actually, I’m pissed at the spell checker for flagging “fucker”, but that’s another story).

I’ll be back with a schedule-related announcement, so stick around or go a couple of hours in the future and read it ;)

Blog Redesign

Yup, I think I’ve done it.
Again :)

Switched back to HTML 4, ported the template I’ve been using on the Japanese blog and modified it a little to make it match the colour scheme of the main website —together with other tiny tweaks here and there— and to keep it from breaking apart until I manage to remove all XHTML 1.1 stuff I have in the older posts, added Lightbox for some of the images in the articles and, generally, fiddled with every possible line of code I could find :)
Again, the themes management got really good in WordPress 2.7; that helped a lot. Except for the search pages and the 404s, I could preview all the changes without the need to switch to the new theme. Fucking awesome feature!

The header image is not ready, I will replace it with a proper one as soon as I’m sure everything looks alright in other browsers too (so far I’ve only checked it in Safari).
Of course, M$I€ gets the finger; not gonna waste my time with that piece of shit.

What’s left to do is going through all the posts and get rid of the trailing slashes and xml:attributes, fixing a couple of broken links and stuff like that.
And then install Firefox and Opera, poke around to see how the CSS behaves and fix all those little incompatibilities too.
This is going to happen tonight, because tomorrow is the big day and —after I reopen the studio— I have a feeling this is the last chance I have to actually sit at the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time :)

As usual, if you happen to find anything weird or broken, let Dali know about it ;)

Of course it won’t validate 100% :\ WordPress outputs XHTML 1.0 so I get lots of warnings about the trailing slashes in empty elements (<br>, <hr>, <img> and the likes) because this is supposed to validate as HTML 4.01 Strict, but otherwise it’s all good… I mean, it’s valid, but with those stupid errors. An XHTML to HTML plugin should be easy to write, but why bother?

Off topic: Yay, the latest ACP is out! Gotta update. Web design can wait :D

  • Safari: check.
  • Other browsers based on Webkit: check.
  • Firefox: check.
  • Opera: hmm… check…
  • Camino: butt-ugly but I don’t care. They’ll update to newer Gecko soon :)
  • N€t$¢ap€, AO£, M$I€: bite me :D

I guess I’m done with this. Now all I need is a pretty header graphic…

Enter 2009

Before anything else, a happy new year to you all and all the bestest wishes for 2009! I hope everybody had a great time on the new year’s and nobody had a too harsh hangover :)

From the e-mails I’ve gotten so far it seems most had a good time and I really hope it goes the same for those from whom I haven’t heard yet.

Two more days until I reopen the studio, it seems like plenty of time to get my ass in gears and do something about this blog.

Meaning that, right after this, I’m going to start the “redesign” thing.

Which means you’re probably going to see a bunch of entrails, the ugly innards and hideous HTML tags showing through the skin, but please bear with me; it’s not gonna take more than a day or two. I’m not doing a full redesign from scratch, I’m just porting the one I have on the Japanese blog —with a few tiny modifications here and there— so it’s hopefully not going to take too long.

Anyway, if you come across broken parts, don’t worry; the blog isn’t broken, it’s just ugly… or unfinished ;)

So yeah, I’ll post some more after I’m done with it.


One plus: The themes management in 2.7 is such a cool feature!!! I can preview the theme I’m working on without actually switching to it until it’s done. Saves me a lot of sweat and time!!! Pretty fucking cool!

One minus: my webhost seems to be having problems, again, with them servers… Slow like shit, refreshing one fucking page to see the changes eats up a lot of time. I hope they fix it soon!

Ebisu Studio Open

First Day in Ebisu

Yes, the new studio is officially open. Well, it’s the 21st just because the clock went past midnight a couple of hours ago but, technically, I’ll have to wait for the morning to actually open it and receive my first clients at the new place ;)

[new studio • view 3]

I’ve spent most of the last two days finishing up all preparations and, once I figured everything was in place, I took a couple of pictures too; but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show them to you, so that’s what this post is about :).

The one above is taken from the entrance; that is what you see when you come in. In the foreground, the “reception desk” —I mean, my Mac :) — and in the background, the workspace —bed and everything. Behind that there’s another desk I set up for drawing.

The one below shows a view of the studio from the “waiting area”; a better view of the bed and the drawing table.

[new studio • view 2]

Everything has been moved around and arranged a little different from what I had planned first, especially the bed, in order to allow me to find the best, most comfortable position during work. I’ll probably rearrange them a little more along the way, once I figure what’s needed, but I’m going to have to spend a few days actually working, so I can get a feel. In any case, the whole thing will most likely stay like it is now, except for those few centimeters I’ll probably need if there’s not enough elbow-room.

Last one is a view from behind the drawing desk, showing the bed in the foreground and —in the background, to the right— the “waiting area”. The black door around the corner is the entrance (the one with the mirror is the toilet).

[new studio • view 1]

So what do you think? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You’ll have to actually visit once —these photos don’t really do it justice— but I tell you: during those cool breeze days of the autumn, this is going to be one relaxing ambiance!

I’m sure you’ll like it ;)

Off to get some sleep now, tomorrow is the big day.

Last Day in Nakameguro

Exit Nakameguro, Enter Ebisu

Today, Sunday, June 15th was the last day at the shop in Nakameguro. As announced previously, from Monday, June 16th until Friday, June 20th, the tattoo studio will be closed, so I can move the remaining stuff to the new place and get everything ready for the opening, which will happen on Saturday, June 21st.

Basically, most of it is already done; the new furniture is in place, the internet connection is set up —I haven’t configured the WiFi yet, but that’s piece of cake, tomorrow I’ll have it up and running— and most of my tools are already there.

What remains to be done —and which is what I’m working on right now— is updating the main website and making sure everybody knows about the move.

Getting in Touch

As I mentioned above, the internet connection is already set up, so there’ll be no downtime. I’ll continue to be reachable via e-mail as usual, but I won’t stay in one place for too long, so I probably won’t be able to take any phone calls.

This blog and the main site will stay online, naturally.

What’s Coming

  • A major redesign of the main website. Not just a cosmetic thing, but a thorough renewal. Most noticeably, the whole site will be rewritten in plain old HTML 4 —which basically means that Mi¢ro$oft Int€rn€t €xp£oit€r users too will be able to access the site properly— and will, once again, be black (as in “black is the new black”) and as sexy as I can manage ;) But, about this, I’ll post a separate article once I’m done; there are still a few things I need to do so I don’t have the whole picture yet.
  • A major redesign of this very blog. Same as the website, there’s going to be a lot more than just a facelift; I’ve been planning to rewrite this one too in HTML 4, but it’s going to be a very time consuming thing —because I’ll have to go through all the articles and get rid of the XHTML 1.1-specific tags— so the blog comes last. I hope I can get it done before the 21th, but I can haz no promisez :)
  • Another round of bulk mailing and cussing at the ISPs, until I hear back from everyone so I can relax and be assured everybody —or, at least, everybody having an appointment after the 21st— knows where to find me.
  • Lots of catching up, especially dealing with the obese inbox with which my mailer greets me every morning and clicking a shitload of (mouse) buttons so I can help making Clipothèque look pretty and cute;)
  • Everything else I’ve been putting off until after the move.

That’s it for now. Thanks a lot for reading this!

I’ll be posting updates about the move progress as soon as I have anything consistent to say. Photos too, I promise :)

New Studio • Update

Redecoration Completed

Today, the new studio redecoration has been finished, so I went there to check it out and it looks good! Took a couple of pictures too, but I was in a rush to get back to Nakameguro before the next client arrived, so the shots didn’t come out really well, except for the one I’m posting below.

[new shop, right after the redecoration]

Still trying to decide whether I’m going to allow shoes on in the new place… The flooring looks really nice —and I’ve been reassured it’s pretty resistant and easy to clean too— so I really don’t know what to do. Shoes on in the waiting area (the one you can’t see in the above picture) and shoes off in the working area (the one visible in the photo) sounds like the best way to go, but I’m still thinking about it.

Next step, starting to bring in the furniture. I’ve got new, nice stuff, to match the interior; all black, naturally :D

The Rest


This morning I sent out a few hundred e-mails too, announcing the move and all the details published in the previous article. Hugest Bcc list I’ve ever seen :)

Some of them bounched back as a result of overzealous ISPs trying to fight back spam with half-assed, ass-backwards methods and some of them returned with “User unknown” errors as a result of people changing their e-mail addresses and forgetting to let me know about it, in which case I can’t really do anything but hope they’ll visit the website and notice the location change.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t received yet any mail from me —but you think you should have— please contact me from your new address and I’ll send you all the details a.s.a.p. I have a template ready for mobile phones too, just in case. And while we’re talking about e-mails, I’d also suggest getting rid of those archaic AOL and Hotmail accounts and getting something more reliable ;)


So far, between the printer–friendly version and the interactive one I set up at GoogleMaps, I think I’ve got it pretty well covered, but —should you need any other format, such as PDF— please ask me and I’ll send you one in no time.

Again, About the Period of the Move

Just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings, so I repeat: the new place is going to be open on Saturday, June 21st. If your appointment is anytime before Sunday, June 15th, you should come to the old place, in Nakameguro.

And I guess this is it for now. Further updates —especially the one regarding the new phone and FAX numbers— as soon as I have’em.

Thanks a lot for reading this!

Update: I’ve got the new phone and FAX number: (03) 5422-9522 (from overseas, dial + 81-3-5422-9552).

Studio Move

After several months of having to put up with the frustration of repeatedly being refused by uptight and obtuse landlords, I finally managed to find a good place for the studio so I can announce now, with certainty, that the move is going to happen after all.

I’ve already rented the new space and, starting tomorrow, we’ll proceed to redecorate the interior. The whole thing is supposed to last only one week so, before the end of this month, I’ll be able to go in and take a few photos and post them here.

Meanwhile, the important details:


150-0013 Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-10-8, Ebisu Building 3rd floor, room 302

The new place is really close to the east exit (towards Garden Place) of Ebisu Station (one stop from Shibuya and Nakameguro on Eidan Hibiya Line; one stop from Shibuya and Meguro on JR Yamanote Line). From the east exit, it’s a 7 minute walk along Route 305.

For a landmark, easiest to find —and most popular— is the Zest Cantina, which is right on the other side of Route 305.

Area Map

If the map below doesn’t display properly, please visit the GoogleMaps page or view the printer–friendly version.


The new studio will be open on Saturday, June 21st, 2008.

Until Sunday, June 15th, I’ll be at the current place.

What Will Change?

Except for the location address and the phone/FAX number, nothing will change. I don’t know the new phone number yet, but The new phone and FAX number will be (03) 5422-9552 (from overseas, + 81-3-5422-9552) and I will also arrange to have the calls transferred from the old number so, for a few months, the old number will still be OK. In any case, as soon as I have the new number, I’ll update the contact information page and I will post it here too.

What Won’t Change

The website and e-mail addresses will be the same.

For the current year, the working hours and the days off won’t change either. I’m going to separate the workplace from my home, which means I probably won’t reply to e-mails in the middle of the night anymore, but don’t count on this ;)

My attitude toward the filthy governments, the big ass greedy corporations, monarchy, religion and generally, the meat puppets, will not change, I’m pretty sure of that :) I’ll probably grow a beard and click on a shitload of buttons [cheers, Rick!], but this too doesn’t have anything to do with this topic, does it? :D

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll post updates when I have more details and I’ll definitely post some photos once the studio is redecorated. Soon, I will send out a bunch of e-mails to everybody, with the area map attached and all of the above info; if you’ve changed your e-mail address since the last time we corresponded, please let me know before the end of this month.

Thanks a lot for reading this!

WordPress 2.5 Under My Skin • Upgrade Completed

Swift, Silent, Smooth Upgrade

Done in less than an hour (the “5–minute” catchphrase is just that, a catchphrase; especially in my case, where I have a bunch of hacks spread all over the place) but it went smooth and without a glitch.

So WordPress 2.5 under-the-hood. Nice control panel, cleaner code and all that. Not bad.

[Clipothèque icon prototype]

The Bad

Upgrading is always a good thing, it keeps things running smoothly and it brings in all the security improvements those magicians write. So it’s all good.

Except for the fact that the very reason for doing this upgrade in such a haste —less than two weeks since it came out— is pretty stupid.

Or bad.

If you’ve read WordPress–related topics recently, you must’ve noticed all the talk about how Tehnorati and Google and what–not are going to “flag” WordPress blogs that run a version older than 2.3.something and frown upon them because they’re very likely to be hacked and turned into zombies (like most of the Windows computers out there) or used for spamming purposes by the scum of the Earth.

Anyway, be it true, be it just a rumor, that’s beside the point. The point is that it might actually be true and shit like that —being shot down from the search results for running an older version of a blog software— can actually happen… Something I can’t really afford.

Bottom line, although I think it to be a stupid reason to do a hasty upgrade, on the other hand I’m not tempted to take any risks so here I am, upgrading and hunting bugz :)

The upgrading being done, now I have to look around for broken links and all that weird shit that happens when I do something internety. So far no problem, so I guess I’m safe this time ;)

Tiny Tweak

Oh, I also got rid of the GoogleAds stuff.

It hasn’t made any real money for me —the amounts haven’t been worth the effort and the fees taken by the fucking Japanese banks are so high, I’d probably end up paying them money so they can receive the checks I got from Google. Yes, I didn’t really put any major effort in actually making these ads work efficiently, so it’s my fault too… But nevertheless, they were dirtying my web pages, so I’ve got no reason to keep them anymore.

Soon, I’ll remove them from all my websites, but that’s going to happen when I’ll be in a webmaster mood again… Probably next year or something, by the way my tattooing schedule looks :)

That should be it for now. Thanks for reading this!

Planned Downtime


In a couple of days, this weblog, the main website and the photo archives will be offline for about 8 hours, due to some technical stuffthat is out of my hands (which makes it pretty much unavoidable).

[eye candy, irrelevant to the article]

The planned* downtime starts Saturday, February 9th, 2008 at 15:00 JST (6:00 GMT/UTC) and is expected to end Saturday, February 9th, 2008 at 23:00 JST (14:00 GMT/UTC).

During that period, none of the websites will be accessible, not even the photos on the Japanese website. My mail will be down as well, so I won’t be able to receive nor respond to any messages until the server is back online.

What Does it Mean?

Nothing, it’s just a maintenance operation and it’s done by my web host, not by me; it’s got nothing to do with my websites —apart from the fact that this server maintenance happens to take all my websites offline for about 8 hours— and there are no visible changes to be expected when the sites come back online.

It also has nothing to do with the shop move I said I was planning; it just happens to occur in the same period, but they’re different, unrelated events. Which means that no, this downtime will not be caused by the move of the shop to another location.

Speaking of which, at the moment, I’m not even sure I’ll move the shop anymore… It’s been almost a month since I started looking for a new place and, so far, I haven’t found anything. Therefore, the move might not happen after all but —about this— in a future article, when I have more details.

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and, on the 9th of February, please cut a dude some slack about the “not found” errors you might encounter during those 8 hours ;)

It’ll be all taken care of.

* Actually not “planned” as in “I want to do this” but rather as in “I know about it in advance, so —at least— I can announce when it’s going to happen and for how long… :-\

2008 • Back to Work

This is just a quick one, to let you know I’m back to work and the regular schedule has been resumed.

[computer generated tribal dragon]

I’ll be taking phone calls as usual but, of course, e-mail is preferable.

Other than that, everything back to normal. I’ve just updated the calendar too, so —if you were waiting for an opening— please have a look.

Speaking of updates, I’ve also upgraded this weblog’ software to WordPress 2.3.2 and, as soon as I can find some spare time, I’m planning to redesign a little bit. Maybe bring back the black… not sure yet ;)

In any case, the latest Firefox beta supports alpha (i.e. semi-transparent) values for the colors and —to my surprise— the latest Opera alpha supports text-shadow, so I’m really looking forward to using the cool stuff in a new design! The version for Safari has had both semi-transparence and text shadows from day one, but now that the two other major players are catching up, I have no excuse for neglecting this blog anymore :)

Umm, that’s it for now, I’ll be back in a few days…

New Year’s Holiday

Starting today, December 30th, I’m closing the shop and taking a short holiday, until the 5th of January.

[preview of underway tattoo]

I won’t be taking any phone calls during this week, but I’ll be around here —writing e-mails, tweaking the websites and drawing— so I’ll be reachable via e-mail, as usual. Right after the new year’s, I’ll probably be online on Skype too; come say “hello!” :)

Those who were expecting e-mail replies and/or drawings, give me a couple more days and I’ll get back to you regarding whatever we were discussing;)

WordPress 2.3.2 is out already, so I’ll be upgrading this blog too, probably tonight.

I’ll be back with one more post before the end of this year but, to those who won’t be computering after today, I wish you the greatest, maddest, sexiest new year’s night and the happiest new year!

P.S.: I’ve kept forgetting about this for a long time, but if you’re curious, there’s a Romanian online tattoo magazine —right now, already at its 4th issue— available in PDF format, at (of course, English versions too).

I’m there too, in the first issue, at page 3 ;)