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Away for a Couple of Weeks

Autumn Vacation

Starting with Tuesday, the 8th of October, I’m going to close the shop and take a short trip to România. I’ll be back to Tokyo before the end of the month so I’ll resume the regular schedule starting with Thursday, the 1st of November…

It’s been two years since my last visit to România —I cancelled the trip I had planned for last year due to my iMac’s sudden death— so imagine I’ve got a lot of drinking and partying coming, my brother and my friends back home can’t wait to get their hands on me :) But that’s cool, I mean I actually can’t wait to get there and get my hands on’em :D

A total of about 24 hours, away from anything I might remotely enjoy, is ahead of me —between the entry gate at Narita and the exit gate at Bucharest, with a short stopover in Schiphol, Amsterdam — and I’m not really looking forward to the whole airport–airplane–airport–airplane–airport thing, I hate what air travel has become thanks to our paranoid governments… but heh, România is to far to get there by boat :)

So I guess I’ll just have to make sure I find a good seat in the airplane, a smoking area in the airport, a few beers and a WiFi hotspot so I can distract myself from the shittiness of the flight itself.

This said, I’ll be carrying my Powerbook with me, which brings us to…

Means of Contact

Since I’ll be far away from my phone —and am not planning to carry a mobile phone with me— the only way I can be contacted will be via e-mail. Any of the addresses you know will do, I’ll check them all daily or as soon as I’ll be able to connect to the internet.

Skype is definitely out of the question, unless România has become a WiFi hotspot paradise overnight :)

Given the party–party–party–party schedule I’ll probably have, I can’t really promise I’ll be able to reply promptly, but I’ll do my best. Since I will have the appointment book with me, I’ll be taking requests for appointments as well.

Speaking of appointments…

The Calendar

Although I’ll be trying to keep the calendar updated, the fact that I’m not sure how frequently or how well I’ll be able to connect to the internet, I think we’ll be better off just thinking of the displayed schedule status as inaccurate; if the “Last Updated” line says more than “three days ago”, forget about it and send me an e-mail, I’ll give you the updated schedule directly.

I guess that’s all. Should anything else come up, I’ll be adding to this article or post a new one, with updates.

Couple of Announcements

To My Clients in Japan

For the next few months —I don’t know exactly until when, but it’s more like “the end of the autumn”— I don’t have anyone in here to pick up the phone during the day so, if you wish to contact me by telephone, please call between 10:00 and 11:00 AM or between 8:00 and 10:00 PM. Outside these time frames, since I have the gloves on most of the day, I am going to keep the answering machine turned on and I won’t be able to take any calls.

E-mail and FAX are, of course, as usual, any time of the day, seven days a week.

By the way, the answering machine’s message comes in Japanese —and I’m too lazy to start recording a bilingual one right now— so, basically, wait for the voice to end and the beep to beep :)

To Those Who Are Planning to Visit

Especially if you visit from abroad, please try to contact me at least three months prior to your trip to Japan.

The schedule is extremelly busy —at the moment of this writing I’m all booked up until the end of August and I have nothing available for the first three weeks of September— and I might not be able to find any opening to match your schedule during your stay here.

To Those Who Are Expecting Drawings

Give me a couple more days, I’ll get back to you eventually.

Scratch “eventually”. Replace with “as soon as possible” ;)

More like a post scriptum, but

To The Fucking Spammers

You can’t get your shit through. The filters work really well and all the crap you’re trying to smuggle in the comments is kept in the queue, never sees the light of anyone else’ screen. You are wasting your time and you are wasting mine, and it’s becoming a really boring thing to come by everyday and spend those few minutes deleting your stuff…

So stop doing it, you’re pretty lame.

Scratch “pretty lame”. Insert “absolutely fucking lame, you shitheads” :D

Hectic Days

It is a very busy period — as any other year before summer — and it just happens that this time I also have to keep the shop all by myself for a few months so, basically, I’m twice as busy as I can handle… Hence the “hectic” in the title :)

What I’m actually trying to say is that — to all who expect e-mails from me — I have received all your messages, I have read them and done anthing I were supposed to, but I just haven’t managed yet enough time to send replies to you. Rest assurred that I will get back to you as soon as possible; I also hate having to wait too long for a reply and I’m doing my best not to make anybody wait too long for mine, but I can only do so much in one day and I’m forced, for a while, to reply in a “urgent/not urgent” order, as opposite to the chronological order everyone else does.

I apologies and I promise that I will contact you as soon as I can!

I will also try to update the calendar more often… as in “in optimum time” :)

This one goes not to my clients, but to those to whom I am a client.

If the only way you can accept payments is by credit cards, you ought to make sure my credit card info is not getting stolen!
“Stolen”, as in “stolen a couple of days ago”, hence the need to cancel my card and use cash until the new one is sent to me…

And, just a thought, but you might just want to stop using Windows (both as your computers and as the server software) when you handle delicate data like people’s private information… you fucking monkeys!

Calendar Update • December 2005

Just a quick one, to announce you that I’ve just updated the calendar to display the entire schedule for the next year, up until December 2006…

As a side note — until I figure out how to tweak the time offset in order to show accurately the difference between my server’s and Japan’s time zones — whenever you see the update in progress note, it actually means “the calendar has just been updated a couple of minutes ago”, so you can safely disregard the please come back a little later note.

My server is located in United States and there’s a several hour difference between their time zone and mine so, basically, my current date and time haven’t happened yet (in the first 12 hours from the update) as far as the server’s internal clock is concerned. There must be a PHP “trick” to solve this, but I haven’t figured it out yet :)

Calendar Update and More…

Calendar Update

I’ve updated the calendar to display the schedule up until April 2006.

À propos, at the time of this writing, there are only two days still available for appointments on the current year, Monday, December 26th and respectively, Tuesday, December 27th… so if you’re planning to get something done this year, now is the time to call me. There are a few one-hour openings here and there — available for consultation meetings — but they’re not going to be there for long… my inbox is full of appointment requests and, as I reply, the open spots disappear one by one.

Those who plan to travel to Tokyo next year for a tattoo, it would be a good ideea to contact me for an appointment at least three or four months in advance, so we can book in the dates matching your visit schedules before they get booked up.

Photo Galleries Update

Not yet, but I’m pretty close to uploading a couple dozen new pics. I’m editing them as we speak, so I guess it’s a matter of days. I’ve got a bunch of new tribals, a couple of portraits and lots of those cute little ones you see in the kitsch art gallery.

A few large ones — including a biomechanical full-sleeve — coming up pretty soon, as I’m almost done with them and I’ll be taking a bunch of photos. Maybe not this time, but definitely next time, hopefully before December. I’m planning a major update at the end of the year, maybe even a redesign for the May 1th reboot (warning: flash website), but that will only happen if the current schedule doesn’t kill me :)

Design Requests

As usual — and only because I really have a hard time finding any spare time in this mad schedule — it’s going to take about two weeks until I can get back to you with the drawings so, for those who had just contacted me and haven’t gotten a reply yet, rest assure that I received your messages and I’ll respond as soon as possible, but please give me a couple more days…

I’m not going to add any “urgent” fee or anything — at least not this year — so, if you have a deadline or are in a hurry, try to contact me at least a month in advance, otherwise I might not be able to help you out in time.

…and More :)

I tried to visit the photo archives, but the pages look weird… Is the site broken?
No, the site works just fine, but it doesn’t look right in InternetExplorer, because it’s been written for modern, web standards-compliant browsers.
So, when will you fix it, because I’d really like to see it?
Never. There’s nothing to fix. You can always use Firefox, Mozilla, Camino or Safari; they’re free and they are built for the contemporary web. I’m not going to deface my website(s) just because a single “browser” doesn’t know how to display what’s written in there.
Yeah… Speaking of which, all your websites — including the blog — look like shit in InternetExplorer. So what’s up, do you have a grudge against that browser or something?
I’d say No, I have nothing against InternetExplorer. It has a grudge against my website but this would be a lie. So I say Yes, I have a lot of grudges against InternetExplorer; it’s old, outdated, broken and stupid because this is the truth. What you’re asking me is, basically, why your black and white TV set cannot see my multicolor broadcast… So if you want multicolor, get a color TV and stop bugging me, because it’s not my fault. If you want to stick with your archaic black and white set, be my guest, but let me tell you: you’re missing a lot of nice shows, friend…

Yup, same ol’ same ol’ motherfucker that I ever was :D

I could, of course, go with the IE 7 — after all, it’s just a little bit of Javascript under-the-hood — but I won’t, because I promised myself this will be one compromise I’m not going to make. Ever.

What, did they paint the world black and white so it looks right on old TVs? Or did they invent the color TV so it can show the world as it was..?

See? I’m not the stubborn one here… ;)

Back To Tokyo

I’m back and it’s all good ;)

It’s been the best — and longest — holiday I ever took… the damn’ jetlag is well worth it :)

So the shop is open, I’m back to the usual schedule. If you sent me an e-mail and I haven’t replied yet, please give me a couple more days; my inbox is full and it’ll take a little while until I catch up.
I’ve already updated the calendar and removed the “away announcement”s so — if you’re coming from the website — you already know I’m back.

I have a couple of things I want to write about, such as a “Part II” for the “Cretins of the WWW” and a major rant about how bad Alitalia sucks, but I’m going to put all these on hold until I’m done with replying to e-mails and finishing up design jobs I had started before the trip.

Meanwhile — as I promised — I’ve got a bunch of new photos added to flickr, in the brand-new “Bucharest–Paris–Roma, August–September 2005” set so if you have a minute and are curious, have a look. It’s not complete yet, I still have almost one hundred pics on my desktop — editing and uploading as we speak — and I still need to add titles, descriptions and tags, but I guess I’ll get it done in a couple of days.
I had a bunch of new photos added to flickr, but I closed my Yahoo account and quit that piece of censor shit, so the photos are not online anymore.

The chronological order is all screwed up — when I was editing the images, I was also saving them with new names, which caused them to be sorted in a different order (alphabetical) — and some of them appear as “taken in September” although they were taken in August (I always destroy metadata and EXIFs, because they weigh too much), but I guess it doesn’t really matter, because I’m not looking to tell a story but merely to share some of the sights I’d seen ;)

Anyway, maybe I’ll figure out a way to re-order them later, so don’t bookmark anything, because I might change some titles too.

So I’m going back to work — I need to send a dozen more e-mails and do some more drawings — and I’ll be back, in a week or so, with two new articles.
Have a great weekend!

Away For Three Weeks

I’ll be away — between Tuesday, August 23rd and Thursday, September 15th — on a trip to Bucharest – Paris – Rome. Actually, Paris – Bucharest – Milano – Paris – Rome, but that has to do only with the flight schedule and shopping for the lowest prices :)

Naturally, the website stays on — as usual — and, although I’ll carry my PowerBook with me, I’ll probably be out of reach for this period, because I have no idea how often I’ll be able to get online while traveling.

Last time — except for being able to connect via the excellent WiFi network at Schiphol — I had a bit of a hard time connecting. In Romania, the WiFi network is quasi–inexistent and the hardline connections are slow and buggy; even with a wire stuck in my ethernet port, it took lots of time, patience and hold-it-don’t-kick-the-laptop-it’s-not-its-faults to be able to receive and send a couple of e-mails.

So, basically, send your mails as usual but please don’t expect a reply until I get back, because I simply can’t promise I’ll be able to make it.

The FAX and the answering machines will stay on, but I won’t be able to take any phone calls — unless I figure out a way to use the Force to pick up the phone from thousands miles away :)
This’ll be the last vacation I take this year, except for those few days before the New Year’s.
Next year, full-throtle workaholism until September, then again off to Romania and hopefully, Amsterdam :D

I’ll be taking a ton of pictures and, as soon as I get back — or as soon as I find a reliable, fast connection — I’ll upload them to my flickr photostream. Meanwhile, I closed my Yahoo account and quit that piece of censorshit, so there’s no flickr photostream anymore…

Until then, I wish you all a great rest of the summer and all the best.

Back Online

Back in Tokyo, back to the pencil, back to the needle, back to figuring out how to fit ten days of work into six days of calendar, back to taking forever to reply to your e-mails :p
Back to normal :)

Romania was a blast, after all these years… Even after all these years.
Had a hard time wanting to get back to Tokyo and now I’m having a hard time waiting until August, when I’ll go there again.

Except for three days of rainy weather — which was “bad weather” only because I didn’t carry with me anything else than tanktops and t-shirts — and the unavoidable temporary brain death caused by the jetlag, everything was good. Good food, good wine, good looking nymphs all over the place, good looking Bucharest — all green and clean — and good looking friends bringing up good memories.
Good prices too — which were “good” only because I had to buy some clothes and some boots eventually :)

All in all, the trip to Romania was a blast!
And I can’t wait to go back.

I almost even forgot about all the shit that led to this ten days trip in the first place, namingly the total lack of help I got from my embassy here, in Tokyo, for a simple piece of paper that I needed so badly… Yeah, but fuck it, after all it wasn’t a bad thing at all having to go to Romania..!

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos while I was there and, whaddya know, I also managed to put them up online at flickr, all grouped in a set named “Romania, June 2005”.
So, whenever you have a minute — and if you’re curious how my family and friends look like — drop by and have a look :)
Since then, shit turned blue with a red tip so I closed my Yahoo account and quit flickr, so there’s no set to look at…

Meanwhile, I really need to update the tattoo galleries so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna fire up that Photoshop thing again and start cropping :)

See you around.

Away For Ten Days

No time for a proper update…
I have a couple of articles in the drafts folder, but I couldn’t find time to finish and publish them, so they’re gonna have to wait a little longer…
That is, they’re gonna have to wait until I get back from Romania.

Speaking of which, I’m taking a tiny little holiday, between Monday, June 6th and Friday, June 17th. Going to solve some fucking paperwork — which can’t be solved via the Embassy here because no, they can’t help me out, they’re too busy working their asses off for the whole 9 hours, every single week (I’m not shitting you, look up their schedule; working hours with the public: 3 days a week, 3 hours a day!) but that’s another story — and then meet my family and my friends (haven’t been to Romania for 8 years, by the way) and then — on my way there and on my way back to Tokyo — spend two days, all by myself, in Amsterdam >:)

Anyways, while I’m away, I don’t think I’ll be able to do much of the get mail — reply to e-mail ritual. I am carrying a laptop with me, but I have no idea how good is the wireless network in Bucharest so, apart from the times I’ll connect through a hardline, I don’t know how long and how often I’ll be able to stay online.

I’ll be taking a ton of pictures… Maybe I’m gonna put some up at flickr or somewhere else, ‘show you my hometown and my friendsterz. Maybe some nymphs too, if all goes as planned, if you know what I mean ;)

Meanwhile, have a great week and an even better weekend!
I promise I’ll update this one and the photo galleries as soon as I get back.

Amsterdam, I’m coming! :D