Schedule Availability Display on the Main Website

I’m still working on the format —while Safari and Chrome display it all very elegantly, Firefox and Opera fail miserably on ruby elements, so I might be looking for other, more convoluted options— but, for now, I’ve added a “waiting period for appointments” section to the home pages of the main websites (En|Ro), giving an approximation for the first available slots on weekdays and weekends.

Will do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but given that the schedule changes several times a day, at a pretty fast pace, some of the data displayed might not be accurate at times. I will be updating them as soon as I have a few minutes to fiddle with the sites and at least once a day, so probably the best time to check for availabilities would be at night, near the end of the day.

I’m working on finding the best option to bring these daily updates to my twitter and facebook feeds, but that might take a while. I’m actively avoiding (re)opening these two to the non-Japanese audience, knowing very well —and being quite wary of— the dangers of being caught up in extremely time-consuming social networks (hence the Japanese-only content I’m currently posting).

Anyway, check out the display I was talking about and see if it’s of any help.

Thanks for reading this!