Long Time No See

Woo, it’s been a while‥! Last post was sometime in January 2012… Got a black belt in Neglecting Blogs™ but… but… I’m not proud of it… As a matter of fact, I’m so notproud of it that I’m gonna hang it in a tree right now and try to get my shit together before they give me a medal too :)

Both 2012 and 2013 have been quite active years —2012 was a little slower and I managed to get myself in all kinds of irrelevant trouble that slowed me down even further, while 2013 was quite the opposite (except for the “all kinds of irrelevant shit happening when you least expect it” part) and a very productive year too— and yet somehow I’ve managed to neglect this blog magna cum laude, to the point of actually being asked whether I was still alive… or something. I’ve done lots of work, some really cool pieces (will talk about this in a following post), met a bunch of awesome people and, generally, been as active as usual… except for having the decency to spend some of the energy on updating this, but I’m repeating myself, so I’ll proceed to actually updating it without making so much fuss… about not updating… this… *cough*

Anyway, so 2013 is almost gone, I’m looking forward to the almost 4 days of holiday ahead of me —with “almost” I’m emphasizing the fact that I’ll have to spend quite a few hours on updating thi–… here we go again… *sniff*— and I’m even more excited about the new year, which hopefully will bring lots of ups and none of the downs I’ve had to go through these last two years.

I’ll be off until Thursday, the 2nd of January, recharging my batteries, balancing my alcohol/blood ratio, most likely switching off the computer and muting my phone, preparing myself for the new year. As usual, I’ll still be reachable via e-mail or the various messaging networks, but I’ll only be replying to emergencies; otherwise, as I said, I’m going offline for a while, just to change the air and shake off all the fatigue that’s been piling up towards the end of this year.

I wish you all a great holiday and a happy new year!