Away for 10 Days

Technically still on holiday but —since I’ll be at the studio, working, on the 6th and the 7th of January— I might as well announce this now, to get it out of the way:

I won’t be around between Monday, January 9 and Friday, January 20; I’m extending the holiday to a couple more weeks, during which I’ll be going south —well, south-west, to be correct— for a bit of sudden summertime smack in the middle of this freezing winter.


Thailand, that is. A couple of days in Phuket with the crazies, two days in Koh Phi Phi, to cool down a bit, and the rest in Krabi, for the awesome :)

I’ll be taking the camera with me, as well as a notebook and some pencils, so I bet I’ll have something to show when I return or while I’m there, if I find a decent internet connection. Speaking of which, I won’t be completely out of reach; as usual, I’m gonna carry my laptop with me and keep an eye on the appointment book as well, so if you’re planning to visit Tōkyō after the 20th, drop me a line and we’ll see.

I’ll reopen the studio on the 21st and, from then on, get back to the regular schedule.

Bunch of e-mails to reply to, so I’m gonna cut this short. Thanks for reading!