Happy New Year!

A little late, because [insert awesome excuse here], but I finally managed to sit still at the computer for longer than a few minutes, so here’s the “enter 2012” entry :)

First things first, Happy New Year to all! Tribe or not, I wish you all the bestest, maximum health and a total absence of whatever wasn’t right in the years before this one! May it be the most successful, most productive, most satisfying, craziest, funnest, most extraordinary year ever‼

Or at least a couple of hundred percents better than the best year we’ve had so far ;)

佩思 周

Haven’t posted —nor written— anything in quite a while, I’m a bit rusty at this, but let’s see if I can get my shit together for long enough to reach the “publish” button ;)

Second things second, the reason for the delay in putting something up here —apart from the aforementioned [awesome excuse]— is that, for a change, this year I’m not gonna get back to work as soon as I used to. I’m prolonging the new year’s holiday by a couple more weeks, partly because I’m finally trying to take the “dude, you need to slow down!”s more seriously and partly because 2011 has been so —how can I put it?— shitty that I really need to do something crazier and funner than usual, to wash off all the fuck-ups I’ve been through. And to get some tan :)

I’m aching to ink something so, the truth is, I’ll actually be doing a couple of tattoos on the 6th and the 7th of this month. After that, I’ll be closing the studio again and go south for a while, swim a little, get sunburnt, have a year’s worth of cocktails and do whatever crazy shit comes my way… But, about this, a little later, in a separate entry ;)

Third things third (this is getting a little old, ain’t it?), this year I’m planning —or, at least, thinking about planning— to dust the pencils and notebooks and draw a little more; a lot more, actually. There’s inspiration and there’s urge, got them both and I need to bring them out on paper, so all I need to do is make more time for it. A little less time for tattooing, maybe a little less time for distraction —here’s one contradiction already— but it’s gonna be worth it; there’s a lot of stuff I want to draw and show, lack of time to do it would be the lamest excuse. But all this after I get back to Tōkyō, after I reopen the studio and after I realize the holiday’s over :) I’m gonna write about this too, a little later.

In the meantime, once again a Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for reading this and forgiving the clumsiness :)

There, I’ve made it to the “publish” button :p