Back to Work

I’m back ;)

Luckily, the ash cloud from Grímsvötn hadn’t reached Schiphol by the time my flight was scheduled —although Germans chickened out and grounded all flights that morning— so I was able to return to Tōkyō as planned and resume work on the 28th. As scheduled :)


It was a nice —short, but good— holiday; I tanned a bit, I drunk a lot, a ate a lot and I slept a lot. Wasn’t able to meet everyone I wanted to, but at least I managed to spend enough time with my family… and it was good.

And yes, to my surprise, I went through the customs at the Romanian airport without any annoyances!

Wasn’t so lucky at Narita though; the little piece of shit on duty went through my luggage, looked in my shoes and frisked me because, you know, a 2-hour stop in Amsterdam…

Anyway, that being said, now I really regret not taking the camera with me‥! I had plenty of opportunities to take some good pictures and I ended up ruining them because of the shitty lens on my mobile phone… Next time I’ll leave the laziness home and take the camera instead :)

So I’m back to work and everything is fine. Except for the fucking weather…

If you were expecting an e-mail from me, give me a day or two and I’ll send it.