Two Weeks Off in May

A quick announcement about the upcoming holiday between the 11th and the 27th of May, this year.

drawing by Dali of ”Graphic Tribe Tattoos”

Will be visiting România for a few days so, as usual, I’ll be reachable only through e-mail, Skype, Twitter and voodoo dolls ;)

I’ll be posting another one right before I go, so that’s all for now.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks Off in May”

  1. Hiya Dali Rau, old Graphic Enemy :) So glad to read that you are going to Romania for two weeks. I will be visiting Sicily for a week, turning my back on f***ing crowded London and sometimes missed Berlin.

    I hope you’ll have a wonderful time and let me know when you are coming through London :D

    Lotsa hugs

    ol’ u.T.

  2. u.T.!!!
    Wow, it’s been a loooong time‥!

    I don’t know when I’ll be visiting London again; maybe next year, if all goes well. I’ll let you know in time ;)

    Can’t say I’m really looking forward to visiting România, but I don’t dread it either. It’s more like “I have to” than “I want to” go. Family and a few friends left there are the only reason for this visit.
    But —since I go anyway— I’ll do my best to actually enjoy it :)

    I just need to wear my anti-christian hat while I’m there, so they don’t get to me LMFAO ::))

    P.S.: Sorry for the ”comment pending moderation” thing, it’s the only way to keep spammers at bay…

  3. Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean! I have to go to Berlin at least once a month to look after the now grown up kids and that’s the fun part, but I do not miss the place or people too much, to be honest.

    Wishing you a good time anyway and stay in contact, will you :)

    Many hugs!


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