Exit 2010

Stop for a second and imagine there’s no fucking “heaven”, it’s really easy if you try. No such thing as “hell” below us; above us, just the sky.

All the people living for today. Imagine that!

Then imagine there are no countries, no borders, no visas, no flags; it isn’t hard to do, is it? Nothing to kill or die for, no fucking stupid religion either…

Try to imagine all the people living life in peace.

I wonder if you can imagine no possessions, no jealousy, no envy, no need for greed or hunger… A brotherhood of man.

Imagine all the people sharing all the world.

You might say that I’m a dreamer —or a pothead, or whatever— but listen: I’m not the only one. And I really hope someday you’ll join us and the world will move, riot and live as one‥!

[Satan est Nomen Fortitudinis in Corde Ignavi]

How about that? Pretty weird, huh?

Might be, because what I was actually planning to say —before I got carried away— was that yup, the new year holiday is here, I’m done with work for this year, I’ll be closing the studio right after this and head for AnywhereICanGetADrinkWithoutTooMuchFuss, just around the corner of NurseINeedAFix. Or two. Or nine ;)

It’s been a… err… relatively good year but I hope the next one is gonna be A LOT better!

For everyone!

Except the governments, the mercenaries and the pigs, the big corporate leeches, the… ah, fuck it, I really need that drink :)

Thanks for reading, see you in 2011!

2 thoughts on “Exit 2010”

  1. Heya Dali,
    Was going to say all the best for 2011 but discovered you’d closed the comments there. Anyways I missed coming around for a visit late last year on my way to Fukuoka – was intending to get some more work done… maybe this year!
    Lastly, just wanted to say how sorry I was to see/hear the stories coming out about the effects of the Tsunami and those poor folks up there now having to contend with radioactive fallout…. if ever there was a case for not having nuclear power, this would have to be it.
    Anyway Dali – all the best for the new year, your work as always is top-notch – always good to see the pics – looks like you’re really suffering on the front page pic, hah!

  2. Hi there, Josh! Hey, it’s been a while‥!

    Yes, these are terrible times… So much happening all at once, death and suffering to last for generations.
    And then there’s the uncertainty, the fear, the total lack of trust…

    We’re OK here, in Tōkyō; compared to the east coast, we’re practically unaffected, it’s almost like nothing happened. Sitting tight and keeping an eye on as many information sources as we can but, otherwise, we’re trying to resume “normal” life.

    »» if ever there was a case for not having nuclear power, this would have to be it
    If ever there was a case for not having governments, this is definitely it.
    These fucking scumbags are the embodiment of incompetence and corruption… And the rest of us are the embodiment of not being able to learn our lessons.

    »» looks like you’re really suffering on the front page pic
    Hehe :)
    Refresh the page a couple of times for new pictures ;)

    Thanks for the comment, big guy!
    All the best to you too!
    And yes, whenever you visit, drop a line and we’ll do some more work ;)

    P.S.: Sorry for the comments lock on the other post! It was getting quite a lot of spam attempts, so I had to close it for a while. I’ll be reopening it a.s.a.p.

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