Japanese Site Relocation

To whom this may be relevant, I’ve moved the Japanese version of the main website to a new address, as follows: from graphictribe.jp to tattoo.graphictribe.com. Many reasons but —basically— because the Japanese hosting company sucked at pricing (while restricting memory space, broadband, number of e-mail addresses and so on, not to mention the spam “filters” were pure crap) and it’s been a major pain in the ass trying to find a way to move the ‘.jp’ ccTLD from my current registrar to somewhere else who wouldn’t force me to bundle the registration to yet another shitty hosting service; too much of a hassle right now, so I’m letting the domain expire and will deal with it later.

[tattoo machine : 3DCG rendering]

Hopefully, I’ve dealt with the relocation smoothly enough; there shouldn’t be any broken links or anything like that. Google’s already picking up the change, a month or so and the new URL will replace the old one.

Please update your links —no rush though, I’ll be keeping the domain online until February next year, while redirecting all requests to the new address— and, if you happen to hit a 404, let me know about it so I can fix the motherfucker ;)

Thank you!