This Site Is Not Facebook

Dear visitors, this site is not Facebook.

This is a website called “The Graphic Tribe Tattoos Weblog”. There’s absolutely no connection between Facebook and this site.

[This site is NOT Facebook]

To access Facebook right now, go to

For future reference, type “” into your browser address bar (that long, narrow field, at the top of this window, which right now happens to read “”) and click the tiny icon —or button— labelled “go” or hit the “enter” or “return” key on your keyboard; that’ll make your browser take you to Facebook immediately. Also, you can do a Google search for “facebook” and click on the first result (that is, whatever comes up at the very top of the results page). That’ll also make your browser take you to Facebook in no time.

I recommend that you then save Facebook as a bookmark in your browser, which can be done by using the bookmark button (or the keyboard shortcut for the “Bookmark” menu item) when you are on the Facebook site.


P.S.: This site is not Facebook either.

5 thoughts on “This Site Is Not Facebook”

  1. Hmm… come to think of it, I’m not that… err… sure anymore… The URL is different, no doubt, but the rest, you know, the internets, the googles, the blue ‘e’s, is the same.

    OK, gimme your username and password and I’ll put back the old facebook.
    I promise >:)

  2. Hey there, good to hear from you‼

    Life’s OK, weather is bad… rainy, ugly, cold. Bike lessons tomorrow, but this fucking rain might get in the way.
    I’ll follow up —via e-mail— on the life part but, in the meanwhile:

    Ah, the “rebels” :) Illiteracy is a cruel thing and some people are really tortured by it. Knowing that some of them are actually going to a college is quite something…

    Boycott is good, everybody should join one —any boycott is good— but, in this particular case, I think it’s too late and a little misplaced. And it won’t work, because the addiction is stronger than the logic; the “against flickr censorship” boycott failed for the same reasons, and so would anything related to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

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