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I’ve just finished moving the main website from the old URL ( to Not a big difference —it’s still under the same domain, but one directory up— and no particular reason for it, except that having it under /tattoos/ was superfluous and (maybe a little) confusing.

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Last night I stayed up late fixing links and sitemaps and anything else on whatever sites I have access to, so all is left is figuring out the fucking .htaccess redirects; which is a pain in the ass, because the regular rules don’t seem to work; I have Options +MultiViews enabled and that, somehow, fucks up the way Redirect permanent /tattoos/filename behaves. No biggie though, all the links on the old pages point now to the new ones and the 404s are —hopefully— as helpful as they can get :)

So, if you had any pages bookmarked, please update them by removing “tattoos/” from the URL.

Here’s a list of what goes where:

The old pages will stay in place for a little while —Google seems to have already caught up with the change so I guess a week or two should do— but won’t be updated anymore, so make sure you’re viewing the new ones (without “tattoos/” in the URL) when you visit ;)

Thanks for reading this!

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