Exit 2009

A few hours to go and 2009 is past, “last year”, “a year ago”, “the good old times” and so on… It’s been a really good year —it would severely cut into my new year’s eve drinking time if I started to enumerate now all the good stuff that has happened— and I can only hope 2010 will be at least as good‥!


To all who have to work tonight, hang in there and —you know— loaf whenever you can… maybe even get a drink or two! “Drinking while on duty is a bad thing” is nothing but a scarecrow, a stupid rule made by self-righteous bosses who have never had to spend the new year’s night at work ;)

To all who party, have a great one and don’t forget to drink one for me too! I’ll definitely be drinking at least one for you. Each of you :D

All the best wishes from the graphic tribe, and a happy new year!

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