Back to Work

Starting today, Saturday, the 24th of October, I’m resuming work and getting back to the regular schedule.

[Paris, Place de la Bastille]

To those who haven’t received a reply yet: I’m going for the inbox zero thing; you’ll hear from me within the next two days, I promise ;)

Got a few photos to show and a few stories to tell, but getting back to speed is priority number one right now, so the blog is gonna have to wait a little for another update. But it’ll be done within a week, I’m almost done with the photos :)

Er… yes, for now I’m gonna keep the Twitter page, so don’t remove that bookmark ;)

4 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Hi, Josh!

    It was OK, I’ll most likely visit again. But I’ll make sure I pick a better season, if there is such a thing :)

    The bus network is pretty impressive, almost as good as the subway thing in Tokyo. I liked that a lot. Construction works for the 2012 olympics take a heavy toll on the traffic —especially around Oxford Circus— but, otherwise, nothing like the slow crawling we enjoy here :D

    Paris had good weather, but it also had a lot of Romanian gypsies kneeling on bibles and pestering everybody —it would be an understatement to say I didn’t like that at all— so, between weather and the ambient, London was a tad better ;)

    Heathrow, as expected, sucks dick to the hilt…

  2. Ah yes, I forgot about ‘the weather’, one of London’s least charming aspects during winter, and the fact that it gets dark at four! And Heathrow Terminal 5 sucks monkey’s balls, you are right about that! Oh, and London too has a problem with Gypsy pickpockets – I guess they are somewhat ubiquitous throughout Europe now eh?

  3. It didn’t catch me by surprise though, I knew it was gonna be like that. So it was OK, especially knowing that —in he same time— Tokyo was all stormy and shit :)

    »» London too has a problem with Gypsy pickpockets – I guess they are somewhat ubiquitous throughout Europe now
    To tell the truth, I didn’t see a single one in London. I mean, a single gypsy… Pickpockets being invisible by definition :) Maybe, in London, they pester other than the “regular” touristic areas…

    In Paris, on the other hand, you could see them everywhere. Actually, Paris is known to “house” the largest number of Romanian gypsies in Europe —that is, except România, or course. Rather annoying, but what can one do..?

    Anyway, none of these are bad enough to stop me from visiting again ;)

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