Third Day in București • Hard Rock Café

Third day in București. The plan was for a night at the Hard Rock Café in the Herăstrău Park, but —I don’t sound surprised, do I?— smoking is not allowed inside and the nights are already too cold to be spent on an open terrace… So I ended up having a fantastic Bloody Mary and some food, taking a couple of pictures and then going some place else for the real party ;)

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  • [Hard Rock Café București • 2]

Nevertheless, I can definitely say this one is the best branch I’ve visited so far! Huge —around 100~150 seats outside and at least 300 or so inside— by far, the biggest I’ve seen; a lot bigger than the one in Tokyo, way bigger than the ones in New York, Rome or Amsterdam. Same kind of interior decorations —lots of “famous” guitars on the wall— same kind of menus and, I assume, similar prices, really good service. For some reason, they had Shakira’s leather pants among the trophies too, but hey! music genres are a technicality nowadays and they managed to preserve the shapes quite well, so no complaint here :D

It was a short visit —fuck the E.U. for their stupid “war on tobacco”— but it was good and I have the satisfaction of being able to scratch București out of my Hard Rock Cafés tour list ;)

[at Cafaneaua Actorilor]

The rest of the night was all about meeting old friends, catching up a little, trying to figure out who got fatter, balder… or drunker :)

[at Cafaneaua Actorilor]

Awesome night, harsh hangover :) I’ll be unplugging for most of the weekend, but I’ll post some more before I leave for London.

Thanks for reading ;)