Second Day in București

Second day in București. Awesome weather, delicious food, un-fucking-believably tasty wine and you know what? The city actually looks a lot better than I thought I’d ever see it..!

Alright, my internet connection is pure shit —I have to do most of the work offline and then hunt for a hotspot where I can transfer more than a kilobyte per century— but otherwise, it’s all good ;)

[Dali in București]

A little bit of FUD, whatever was left in my memory about the visit two years ago and a shitload of the stress I accumulated on my 21-hour long trip made me bitch about… pretty much everything for a while, but then I went out and walked around the center of the city for a couple of hours. And got surprised, pleasantly, by the way the city has changed in such a short amount of time! Lots of new shops, open terraces, even tattoo shops, the roads are a lot better —although the traffic almost beats the nightmare back in Tokyo— and the streets are cleaner, there’s still a lot of green all over the place… What can I say? Next time I won’t criticize before I actually see it with my own eyes :)

I’m actually starting to re-like my city…

And on top of it, there’s even a Hard Rock Café!!! Who would’ve thought, Hard Rock Café in București?!? Wow, I gotta go there, like, tonight!!! Priority number one, and the camera goes with me, so next time I manage to connect properly, I’ll show you some pics too ;)

[Dali & Pepe, in București]

Surprisingly, I don’t miss Tokyo yet but no, no worries, I’m not gonna move back here ;)

Gotta go have some more of that wine now!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Second Day in București”

  1. Hahaha, I can’t remember :D Something to do with the coup d’état in 1989, a monument dedicated to those who fought there..? It’s kinda blurry, I can’t remember the details…

    I had some photos taken in the same spot, at night, a few years ago… but I can’t find them. If I do, I’ll put ’em up somewhere ;)

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