Off to Europe

Last day in Tokyo. Right after this I’m gonna unplug most of the electric stuff —won’t be here for three weeks, I wanna be able to sleep without thinking about electrical surges, fires and all that shit— close the studio and head home.

Need to pack, unpack, pack again, re-unpack and the pack my stuff, make sure I don’t forget anything and then try to get some sleep; tomorrow I’ll be up really early, gotta get to the airport in time to find the best seat —you know— that one near the wings, where I can stretch my legs properly and move around without bothering anybody ;)

[eye candy]

Did I mention I fucking hate flying? It’s not the fear of flight —I don’t have it, I’m a brave boy— it’s the whole bullshit I have to go through at the airports so those fuckers can make sure I’m not gonna endanger the flight with a pencil or a nail clipper, and then there are the poor conditions on the airplane: narrow seats, shitty food, bad air, idiotic TV, no smoking for 12 hours, most likely no internet connection and so on… Out of the 23 days I’ll be away, almost two whole fucking days wasted.

Anyway, everything else is pink and peachy. Haven’t managed to send out all the drawings I was supposed to, but at least I zeroed my inbox (it’s back to “12 unread messages” as I write this, but I’ll resume the Sisyphus role a little later) ;)

So I’m outta here, see you all in three weeks!

Oh, I CAN HAZ FORGOTTED: I set up a Twitter account; mostly for when I’m away, but if it picks up I’ll probably keep it.

That’s it for now; thanks for reading this!

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  1. You gotta tell us when you surface in the civilised world. If we’re anywhere near we can drink you under the table with cheap wine or ale. Stay away on the flights from people with sniffles! Bon voyage and all that! ;)

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