WordPress 2.8.4 Under My Skin

The software gets the 2.8.4 upgrade, everything is in place —as it’s always been— all things are smooth and… boring :)

I’ve been putting this off for too long and now, that I finally managed to defeat procrastination and spare an hour for this upgrade, I’m willing to bet my life 2.8.5 comes out, like, tomorrow :)

[eye candy]

It wouldn’t be the first time and it’s not something that happens only with my blog “maintenance” habits either… About three years ago —when my box bit the dust and panic was the new black— I went to the A$$£€ Store, bought a shiny brand new (literally, the latest box at the time) iMac and resumed work… only to find out that a couple of days later the bastards released a new model, screen 2 inches wider, hard drive a few hundred gigabytes bigger, for the same price! Mother. Fucker.

It goes on and on; bottom line, luck is not my strongest point :)

Nor writing captivating articles, so I guess that’s it for now (actually, I’m pissed at the spell checker for flagging “fucker”, but that’s another story).

I’ll be back with a schedule-related announcement, so stick around or go a couple of hours in the future and read it ;)