Calibrated RGB Colorspace PNGs in Firefox 3.1 β2

I was mentioning the other day the latest Firefox beta and the cyan-tinted, monochrome PNGs fuck-up bug that had managed to sneak in.

Here’s what it looks like in Firefox 3.1 β2 under OS X 10.5.6 {left: PNG saved with a “Calibrated RGB Colorspace” profile; right: the same PNG saved with a “sRGB” [sRGB (IEC 61966-2.1)] profile}:

  • [screenshot : Calibrated RGB Colorspace PNGs in Firefox 3.1 beta2]
  • [screenshot : sRGB (IEC 61966-2.1) PNGs in Firefox 3.1 beta2]

The obvious workaround is to make sure PNGs —and I assume JPEGs as well, but I’m already too bored to do a test case right now— are not saved with a “Calibrated RGB Colorspace” profile embedded. No apps that I know of do that by default —maybe just in older versions of Leopard and Tiger— but a double-check before uploading the images won’t hurt.

Of course, this is going to be fixed sooner or later and this “workaround” won’t be needed for too long, so I guess it’s not such a big deal anyway… But it’s good to know how to avoid the bug or —worst case scenario— if it never gets fixed, how to prepare for the cyan-tinted future :)

This minor snafu aside, the latest beta brings in a lot of the good stuff so I’m really looking forward to the stable release to hit the “market”… maybe then I can finally get rid of the redundant -webkit-/-moz- shit bloating my CSS ;)

3 thoughts on “Calibrated RGB Colorspace PNGs in Firefox 3.1 β2”

  1. Oh the fuckups on images over the years. Apple’s Preview for Tiger couldn’t save twists in images. You reversed an image in Preview, saved it, then exited and opened the file and looked again. Marvelous.

    And we must give credit where credit is due: transparency in PNG was introduced somewhere around 1998? Yet as recently as 2005 (at least) Microsoft’s Internet Destroyer still couldn’t recognise it?

    But in a way things were better back in the old days. When everything looked like crap and you expected it. Then you were never ever disappointed! ;)

  2. They seem to have fixed it in 3.1 β3… The stable 3.0.9 does it properly so, after all, it was indeed just a fuck-up. “Human error” as they always put it when one in the cubicle “fixes” something written by someone else :)

    Internet Exploiter is a piece of shit, of course.
    8.0 does seem to be displaying alpha correctly, but —as with anything else Mi¢ro$hit— I bet it’s just a hack on top of another hack on top of the initial hack. They’ll never get it right, but who cares about IE anymore?

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