iWork ’09 Trojan • CLIX to the Rescue

I don’t care if one downloads music or movies or bootlegged software over P2P. Good for them! They probably have their reasons and —to tell the truth— I’d most likely agree with most of them too.

But if one does download pirated software from a random —untrusted, untraceable, unknown— source, gives their admin password too when installing it and then ends up with a trojan in their /usr/bin and a bunch of other shit all over the place, then I think one had it coming and should be ostracized and ignored when complaining about it.

[CLIX to the rescue]

Fortunately, there are good people out there willing to help regardless of the great stupidity that caused one’s terrifying “computer infected” experience. Although I still believe kamikaze free-loaders shouldn’t get any help —at least not for free— I have to agree that there might’ve been some sound justifications that led them to get the trojan-infected iWork ’09 package and, subsequently, fuck up their Macs.

So —just because I do envy these generous people willing to help out simply because they’re good— here’s a link to the easiest, safest, least technically challenging method: iWorksServices.clix. Your’re gonna need CLIX —if you don’t already have it— and you’re probably gonna need to do a little reading before anything else, but it’s worth it and will definitely save you a lot of trouble.

If you’re one of those affected by this trojan, do it now!

And next time you get something from BitTorrent and the likes, think twice before giving your admin password. Being on a Mac makes you a lot safer than being under a Windows box, but it doesn’t do it magically ;)

Update: 6000 More Idiots

There’s aanother one… and it doesn’t come as a surprise at all. There will definitely be more and more, as the number of free-loader idiots is growing (currently, a little over twenty six thousands and counting).

I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.

One thought on “iWork ’09 Trojan • CLIX to the Rescue”

  1. You’re totally right – that if they’re that dumb they might have it coming to them. Especially in these two cases where it didn’t require a rocket scientist to just look inside the packages at the bloody text files and READ WTF was there.

    But that’s only one aspect of it. Rixstep Rule: if there are idiots who can download shit like this and just install it and give away their bloody password then there are also idiots out there who will believe this is a real worm outbreak or an ATTACK FROM OUTER SPACE.

    The Microsoft security cottage industry crooks have already been seen trying to capitalise on this. McAfee were writing some nonsense about how sophisticated the actual trojans were and how WE ARE GOING TO SEE A LOT MORE OF THIS IN THE FUTURE BLAH BLAH.

    You know the score: if they can scare the idiots silly so they believe they can’t be more secure away from Windows, that life is just this much shit with Windows and there’s nothing you can do about it – then THEY WIN. They get to sell more of their useless products for a hopeless platform and punters compute in the misery Bill Gates has no ambition to ever take away.

    Once everybody is on a secure platform – then we can rap their knuckles. Then they might learn something from it. Without there being any deleterious side effects.

    For now we have to keep that message out there – that NO non-Windows systems can’t be hacked, you ARE safer WAY SAFER away from Windows, etc. And for now we gotta help those fucktards and hold their hands and give them kerchiefs they can blow their noses in. ;)


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