Blog Redesign

Yup, I think I’ve done it.
Again :)

Switched back to HTML 4, ported the template I’ve been using on the Japanese blog and modified it a little to make it match the colour scheme of the main website —together with other tiny tweaks here and there— and to keep it from breaking apart until I manage to remove all XHTML 1.1 stuff I have in the older posts, added Lightbox for some of the images in the articles and, generally, fiddled with every possible line of code I could find :)
Again, the themes management got really good in WordPress 2.7; that helped a lot. Except for the search pages and the 404s, I could preview all the changes without the need to switch to the new theme. Fucking awesome feature!

The header image is not ready, I will replace it with a proper one as soon as I’m sure everything looks alright in other browsers too (so far I’ve only checked it in Safari).
Of course, M$I€ gets the finger; not gonna waste my time with that piece of shit.

What’s left to do is going through all the posts and get rid of the trailing slashes and xml:attributes, fixing a couple of broken links and stuff like that.
And then install Firefox and Opera, poke around to see how the CSS behaves and fix all those little incompatibilities too.
This is going to happen tonight, because tomorrow is the big day and —after I reopen the studio— I have a feeling this is the last chance I have to actually sit at the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time :)

As usual, if you happen to find anything weird or broken, let Dali know about it ;)

Of course it won’t validate 100% :\ WordPress outputs XHTML 1.0 so I get lots of warnings about the trailing slashes in empty elements (<br>, <hr>, <img> and the likes) because this is supposed to validate as HTML 4.01 Strict, but otherwise it’s all good… I mean, it’s valid, but with those stupid errors. An XHTML to HTML plugin should be easy to write, but why bother?

Off topic: Yay, the latest ACP is out! Gotta update. Web design can wait :D

  • Safari: check.
  • Other browsers based on Webkit: check.
  • Firefox: check.
  • Opera: hmm… check…
  • Camino: butt-ugly but I don’t care. They’ll update to newer Gecko soon :)
  • N€t$¢ap€, AO£, M$I€: bite me :D

I guess I’m done with this. Now all I need is a pretty header graphic…

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