Enter 2009

Before anything else, a happy new year to you all and all the bestest wishes for 2009! I hope everybody had a great time on the new year’s and nobody had a too harsh hangover :)

From the e-mails I’ve gotten so far it seems most had a good time and I really hope it goes the same for those from whom I haven’t heard yet.

Two more days until I reopen the studio, it seems like plenty of time to get my ass in gears and do something about this blog.

Meaning that, right after this, I’m going to start the “redesign” thing.

Which means you’re probably going to see a bunch of entrails, the ugly innards and hideous HTML tags showing through the skin, but please bear with me; it’s not gonna take more than a day or two. I’m not doing a full redesign from scratch, I’m just porting the one I have on the Japanese blog —with a few tiny modifications here and there— so it’s hopefully not going to take too long.

Anyway, if you come across broken parts, don’t worry; the blog isn’t broken, it’s just ugly… or unfinished ;)

So yeah, I’ll post some more after I’m done with it.


One plus: The themes management in 2.7 is such a cool feature!!! I can preview the theme I’m working on without actually switching to it until it’s done. Saves me a lot of sweat and time!!! Pretty fucking cool!

One minus: my webhost seems to be having problems, again, with them servers… Slow like shit, refreshing one fucking page to see the changes eats up a lot of time. I hope they fix it soon!

7 thoughts on “Enter 2009”

  1. Hi there! Happy new year and all the best to you too!

    The redesign is pretty much done, it’s all black and sexy again ;)
    I still need to tweak it a little and edit some of the older posts, but I think it already looks OK in all browsers (that matter).

    Anyway, I’m calling it a day right now; I got bored and tired of writing code, I’ve been glued to the computer all day so I need to unplug and get some rest. Tomorrow I’m reopening the studio and I’m really looking forward to put the gloves on… But I need some sleep before that :)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by!
    Always a pleasure!

  2. Hi Dali!
    Looks cool the new redesign all in black with gray shadows, round corners and of course, with your Satanic symbols and skulls everywhere >:) I love it!

  3. Hehe, something tells me you’re using Firefox >:}

    Only Firefox and Safari get the rounded corners and semitransparent overlays; Opera gets squarish boxes and full opacity, M$I€ gets the finger, as usual :D
    Anyway, yeah, it looks better! The monochrome black on white one I used before was cool too, but maybe too monotone after a while… Besides, black is always sexy ;)

    I’m glad you like it!

  4. Site looks good Dali – I had an earlier version of Firefox, which made things look a little strange, but I just upgraded, and voila!

    Any hopes and fears for 2009? Looks like its ‘business as usual’ in the Middle-East, which doesn’t fill me with too much hope for humanity..

    But perhaps that is a discussion for another blog though aye?

  5. Hiya, Josh!
    I’m glad you like it. Sorry for the blooper with older Gecko! 3.x has been out for quite a while so I basically forgot there’s a big difference in the way older versions (fail to) display semitransparence. My bad.

    »» Any hopes and fears for 2009?
    In regards to my work, I’m all optimistic and fearless :)

    In regards to where our world is going, I fear nothing I hope for will come through… Let’s face it, war will go on and spawn itself all over the place, governments will still exist, the church will keep fucking up people’s heads and many more lives will be lost for stupid reasons. So I’m not optimistic at all about this.

    But I have a brand new set of voodoo dolls and a box of rusty nails just for this. If I hope for something, I hope black magic works :D

    »» very clever with the automatic background of my tattoo – don’t know how you did that
    Pretty cool, huh? Actually, not very difficult to do, but I won’t go in coding details here ;)
    My most frequent commenters get a little bit of eye candy. Hopefully, in the future I’ll enable gravatars too, and then the eye candy will be all over the place, without my having to hardcode it in.

    Thanks for the comment, big guy. Always a pleasure!

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