Last Day in Nakameguro

Exit Nakameguro, Enter Ebisu

Today, Sunday, June 15th was the last day at the shop in Nakameguro. As announced previously, from Monday, June 16th until Friday, June 20th, the tattoo studio will be closed, so I can move the remaining stuff to the new place and get everything ready for the opening, which will happen on Saturday, June 21st.

Basically, most of it is already done; the new furniture is in place, the internet connection is set up —I haven’t configured the WiFi yet, but that’s piece of cake, tomorrow I’ll have it up and running— and most of my tools are already there.

What remains to be done —and which is what I’m working on right now— is updating the main website and making sure everybody knows about the move.

Getting in Touch

As I mentioned above, the internet connection is already set up, so there’ll be no downtime. I’ll continue to be reachable via e-mail as usual, but I won’t stay in one place for too long, so I probably won’t be able to take any phone calls.

This blog and the main site will stay online, naturally.

What’s Coming

  • A major redesign of the main website. Not just a cosmetic thing, but a thorough renewal. Most noticeably, the whole site will be rewritten in plain old HTML 4 —which basically means that Mi¢ro$oft Int€rn€t €xp£oit€r users too will be able to access the site properly— and will, once again, be black (as in “black is the new black”) and as sexy as I can manage ;) But, about this, I’ll post a separate article once I’m done; there are still a few things I need to do so I don’t have the whole picture yet.
  • A major redesign of this very blog. Same as the website, there’s going to be a lot more than just a facelift; I’ve been planning to rewrite this one too in HTML 4, but it’s going to be a very time consuming thing —because I’ll have to go through all the articles and get rid of the XHTML 1.1-specific tags— so the blog comes last. I hope I can get it done before the 21th, but I can haz no promisez :)
  • Another round of bulk mailing and cussing at the ISPs, until I hear back from everyone so I can relax and be assured everybody —or, at least, everybody having an appointment after the 21st— knows where to find me.
  • Lots of catching up, especially dealing with the obese inbox with which my mailer greets me every morning and clicking a shitload of (mouse) buttons so I can help making Clipothèque look pretty and cute;)
  • Everything else I’ve been putting off until after the move.

That’s it for now. Thanks a lot for reading this!

I’ll be posting updates about the move progress as soon as I have anything consistent to say. Photos too, I promise :)

4 thoughts on “Last Day in Nakameguro”

  1. Just wanted to wish you good luck with getting everything done Dali. My girlfriend and I just moved this weekend and that was a huge pain, so I can only imagine how much work you have ahead of you. Hopefully you have some friends you can pay off with some cold beer to help you move.

    That and getting your site to work in all browsers. ;) Always a joy.

  2. Hi, Steve,!

    Yeah, moving is a proper, massive hassle. I’m sorry to hear you had a hard time, but I hope everything worked out as planned!

    Here, everything’s going smooth so far. I’ve already got the furniture and all the heavy stuff in place; today, I’m setting up the Macs to work with the new connection (they already do, actually, since I’m being able to post this) and then I’m going to get busy preparing the workspace.
    My back hurts a little, but let’s keep that secret; I want to be able to say I’m still young and strong :))

    The friends weren’t available this time, but I’m going to buy a few beers anyway, to celebrate ;)

    The main website is already up too. And it does work in M$I€ ;)
    Versions lower than or equal to 6 will get a “please stop being a moron, go get a real browser” blue box at the top of every page, but 7 and 8 can view the site nags-free. Eye-candy-free too, for that matter, since stupid M$I€ can’t display generated content, RGBA colours and all that stuff… But still, the site doesn’t look as hostile as before, so I guess it’s a progress :)

    But this very blog will take a little longer to rewrite so, for now, M$I€ users will still have to put up with my being an asshole :D

    Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Salutare, Ion!

    Mă bucur că-ţi place!
    Da, în parte am dat-o pe negru pentru că studioul e în parte negru, dar am vrut să am ambele site-uri —versiunea Engleză şi cea Japoneză— identice… adică similare ;)
    Mai am puţin de lucrat la site, detalii mici pe ici-pe colo dar, în mare, e gata.

    Adineaori am pus şi câteva poze cu noul studio, în postul imediat următor. Dă o fugă să vezi ce-am reuşit să fac.

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