New Studio • Update

Redecoration Completed

Today, the new studio redecoration has been finished, so I went there to check it out and it looks good! Took a couple of pictures too, but I was in a rush to get back to Nakameguro before the next client arrived, so the shots didn’t come out really well, except for the one I’m posting below.

[new shop, right after the redecoration]

Still trying to decide whether I’m going to allow shoes on in the new place… The flooring looks really nice —and I’ve been reassured it’s pretty resistant and easy to clean too— so I really don’t know what to do. Shoes on in the waiting area (the one you can’t see in the above picture) and shoes off in the working area (the one visible in the photo) sounds like the best way to go, but I’m still thinking about it.

Next step, starting to bring in the furniture. I’ve got new, nice stuff, to match the interior; all black, naturally :D

The Rest


This morning I sent out a few hundred e-mails too, announcing the move and all the details published in the previous article. Hugest Bcc list I’ve ever seen :)

Some of them bounched back as a result of overzealous ISPs trying to fight back spam with half-assed, ass-backwards methods and some of them returned with “User unknown” errors as a result of people changing their e-mail addresses and forgetting to let me know about it, in which case I can’t really do anything but hope they’ll visit the website and notice the location change.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t received yet any mail from me —but you think you should have— please contact me from your new address and I’ll send you all the details a.s.a.p. I have a template ready for mobile phones too, just in case. And while we’re talking about e-mails, I’d also suggest getting rid of those archaic AOL and Hotmail accounts and getting something more reliable ;)


So far, between the printer–friendly version and the interactive one I set up at GoogleMaps, I think I’ve got it pretty well covered, but —should you need any other format, such as PDF— please ask me and I’ll send you one in no time.

Again, About the Period of the Move

Just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings, so I repeat: the new place is going to be open on Saturday, June 21st. If your appointment is anytime before Sunday, June 15th, you should come to the old place, in Nakameguro.

And I guess this is it for now. Further updates —especially the one regarding the new phone and FAX numbers— as soon as I have’em.

Thanks a lot for reading this!

Update: I’ve got the new phone and FAX number: (03) 5422-9522 (from overseas, dial + 81-3-5422-9552).

10 thoughts on “New Studio • Update”

  1. Wow!
    Lovely studio, Dali! I like the shiny floor even if it’s not black >:) Looks interesting there, I like it a lot! Congratulations!
    Please, post more pics ;)

  2. Thankies ;)

    Yup, it looks really good, I’m very satisfied with the work they’ve done!
    You see what I meant when I said it was “sexy”?

    The flooring is linoleum with a black marble motif —black with dark gray veins and stuff. I prefer it this way to full, opaque black, because it can camouflage footprints and whatever scratches I’m going to make on it when I bring in the furniture :)

    The wallpaper and the ceiling are non–reflective black, so I can use them as background for photo shoots. I have a huge black curtain too there, right behind that ceiling reinforcement, which separates the waiting area from the workspace; it’s going to make for a pretty good background too, the material is really nice, silk–like.

    Lighting is quite neat too, and I’ll add some more spotlights, just for the working area.

    Black *is* the new black and, when I’ll have all the furniture and everything in place, I think it’s going to make for a very relaxing ambiance ;)

    Next Monday I’m going to set up the internet connection and the WiFi, and after that it’s gonna be a week of back–breaking, forehead–sweating, knuckle–smashing furniture moving :D
    And then I’ll take more pictures.

  3. Hi!

    It looks fantastic! If you say “it’s sexy”, I can only agree with you.
    I could never guess that flooring was linoleum. Really nice, everything!
    Please, invite me there, I have to see if live it looks as nice as in the photo >:)

  4. Just a quick one, to announce the new phone and FAX number.

    I’ve just got it today; here it is: (03) 5422-9552.
    (from overseas, it’s +81-3-5422-9552)

    No progress on the furniture stuff yet. There’s still some heavy lifting to do before I can post some more photos :D

  5. Fantastic. We vote ‘no shoes’. It’ll probably feel really good and relaxing without them anyway. Place looks fabulous. All the best. Good luck as well with other endeavours such as your photography work. The place looks perfect for that!

  6. Hiya~!

    Thankies for the vote and yes, it’s decided: it’s going to be “no shoes”.
    The flooring feels really nice, looks slippery but it’s not; and during those really hot summers “no shoes” is a must. So far, it’s been always like this, at all three places I had before; none of them looked as good as this one though :)

    I’m going to post more photos when I’m done putting all the furniture in place.
    Tomorrow is the “assembling stuff” day and, hopefully, the “WiFi setup” day too. But I won’t be taking pictures, because there are still a few things missing, and next time I want to show you the final product ;)

  7. /Some of them bounched back as a result of overzealou ISPs trying to fight back spam with half-assed, ass-backwards method’

    No shit. If it’s Bcc it’s gotta be spam because who else sends like that? So expose everyone on your mailing list to each other, throw confidentiality and privacy out the window. Witness the march of the pinheads. ;)

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