Studio Move

After several months of having to put up with the frustration of repeatedly being refused by uptight and obtuse landlords, I finally managed to find a good place for the studio so I can announce now, with certainty, that the move is going to happen after all.

I’ve already rented the new space and, starting tomorrow, we’ll proceed to redecorate the interior. The whole thing is supposed to last only one week so, before the end of this month, I’ll be able to go in and take a few photos and post them here.

Meanwhile, the important details:


150-0013 Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-10-8, Ebisu Building 3rd floor, room 302

The new place is really close to the east exit (towards Garden Place) of Ebisu Station (one stop from Shibuya and Nakameguro on Eidan Hibiya Line; one stop from Shibuya and Meguro on JR Yamanote Line). From the east exit, it’s a 7 minute walk along Route 305.

For a landmark, easiest to find —and most popular— is the Zest Cantina, which is right on the other side of Route 305.

Area Map

If the map below doesn’t display properly, please visit the GoogleMaps page or view the printer–friendly version.


The new studio will be open on Saturday, June 21st, 2008.

Until Sunday, June 15th, I’ll be at the current place.

What Will Change?

Except for the location address and the phone/FAX number, nothing will change. I don’t know the new phone number yet, but The new phone and FAX number will be (03) 5422-9552 (from overseas, + 81-3-5422-9552) and I will also arrange to have the calls transferred from the old number so, for a few months, the old number will still be OK. In any case, as soon as I have the new number, I’ll update the contact information page and I will post it here too.

What Won’t Change

The website and e-mail addresses will be the same.

For the current year, the working hours and the days off won’t change either. I’m going to separate the workplace from my home, which means I probably won’t reply to e-mails in the middle of the night anymore, but don’t count on this ;)

My attitude toward the filthy governments, the big ass greedy corporations, monarchy, religion and generally, the meat puppets, will not change, I’m pretty sure of that :) I’ll probably grow a beard and click on a shitload of buttons [cheers, Rick!], but this too doesn’t have anything to do with this topic, does it? :D

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll post updates when I have more details and I’ll definitely post some photos once the studio is redecorated. Soon, I will send out a bunch of e-mails to everybody, with the area map attached and all of the above info; if you’ve changed your e-mail address since the last time we corresponded, please let me know before the end of this month.

Thanks a lot for reading this!

9 thoughts on “Studio Move”

  1. Congratulations, Dali!

    I’m happy that finally you got a nice location for your shop ;)
    I can’t wait to see how you’ll decorate it but I’m sure it will be at least as nice and stylish as is now your Nakameguro studio.

  2. Hiya~!

    Thanks! I’m happy too, can’t wait to open it!

    »» I’m sure it will be at least as nice and stylish as is now your Nakameguro studio
    Oh, it’ll be way more stylish, I promise you!
    Here, in Nakameguro, I couldn’t really redecorate the interior —that’s how most of the contracts go in Japan. So I had to keep the wallpaper and the flooring as they were.
    But at the new place, I can do pretty much anything I want. So I will :)

    I’ll have pics before the end of this month ;)

  3. You’re welcome!
    More stylish? I really can’t imagine what you want to do there, but you have your own original style… so whatever you’ll do, I know it will be something very unique and special, just like everything you’ve done till now ;)

  4. Hi there! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it ;)

    It will be something very black and sexy. Lotsa black.
    They’re already doing the lighting right now and will soon start the flooring. Haven’t had a chance to go check it out yet, but I’ll do it soon; maybe Friday. I decided not to post any photos until it’s complete though; I want you to see the results only, not the skeleton and the wires coming out of the cracks :D

  5. Hi again!

    Very black and sexy?! Can’t wait to see it! Black is my favorite too >:)
    Take care, don’t use to much black there, maybe you’ll not have enough light to do your work >:)
    I’m waiting to see the pics ;)

  6. Hi Dali, i’m super happy for you ;) I wish you all the best and keep up the very good work. (Mai da semne de viata man, eu deja m-am stabilizat cu salonul, CUSTOM :D ).

    P.S. Noul site e frumos dar imi merge mult mai greu ca celalalt, adica nu stiu, poate e doar la mine, dar imi sacadeaza cand dau scroll.

  7. Hiya, Ion! Thankies ;)

    Mă bucur s-aud că merge bine şi la tine! Stai să mă mai liniştesc şi eu cu mutatul ăsta —e o grămadă de alergătură de făcut şi nu prea reuşesc să stau mult pe lângă computer— şi o să îţi scriu, promit.

    »» […] CUSTOM :)
    Hei, bravo! Aşa e bine :)

    »» Noul site e frumos dar imi merge mult mai greu ca celalalt […] sacadeaza cand dau scroll.
    Da, am observat că şi la mine o ia razna câteodată… Am de gând să-i trag un redesign cât de curând posibil; sper să reuşesc înainte de mutat, dar e complicat cu timpul ăsta…

    Baftă mare!

  8. I’ve got the new phone and FAX number, so I’m just posting a quick one to announce it:

    (03) 5422-9552
    From Tokyo, you can dial only 5422-9552. From overseas, dial +81-3-5422-9552.

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