WordPress 2.5 Under My Skin • Upgrade Completed

Swift, Silent, Smooth Upgrade

Done in less than an hour (the “5–minute” catchphrase is just that, a catchphrase; especially in my case, where I have a bunch of hacks spread all over the place) but it went smooth and without a glitch.

So WordPress 2.5 under-the-hood. Nice control panel, cleaner code and all that. Not bad.

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The Bad

Upgrading is always a good thing, it keeps things running smoothly and it brings in all the security improvements those magicians write. So it’s all good.

Except for the fact that the very reason for doing this upgrade in such a haste —less than two weeks since it came out— is pretty stupid.

Or bad.

If you’ve read WordPress–related topics recently, you must’ve noticed all the talk about how Tehnorati and Google and what–not are going to “flag” WordPress blogs that run a version older than 2.3.something and frown upon them because they’re very likely to be hacked and turned into zombies (like most of the Windows computers out there) or used for spamming purposes by the scum of the Earth.

Anyway, be it true, be it just a rumor, that’s beside the point. The point is that it might actually be true and shit like that —being shot down from the search results for running an older version of a blog software— can actually happen… Something I can’t really afford.

Bottom line, although I think it to be a stupid reason to do a hasty upgrade, on the other hand I’m not tempted to take any risks so here I am, upgrading and hunting bugz :)

The upgrading being done, now I have to look around for broken links and all that weird shit that happens when I do something internety. So far no problem, so I guess I’m safe this time ;)

Tiny Tweak

Oh, I also got rid of the GoogleAds stuff.

It hasn’t made any real money for me —the amounts haven’t been worth the effort and the fees taken by the fucking Japanese banks are so high, I’d probably end up paying them money so they can receive the checks I got from Google. Yes, I didn’t really put any major effort in actually making these ads work efficiently, so it’s my fault too… But nevertheless, they were dirtying my web pages, so I’ve got no reason to keep them anymore.

Soon, I’ll remove them from all my websites, but that’s going to happen when I’ll be in a webmaster mood again… Probably next year or something, by the way my tattooing schedule looks :)

That should be it for now. Thanks for reading this!

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 Under My Skin • Upgrade Completed”

  1. I know what you mean about the upgrades. Glad your upgrade to 2.5 went well. Just did mine the other day and it was pretty flawless, although the gallery stuff is a bit new and now I’ve got to do a bunch of theme modifications to make some of it look better for the galleries.

  2. Hi, Steve. Thanks a lot for the comment!
    I’m glad to hear you haven’t had any troubles with the upgrade either.

    I haven’t looked into the galleries yet —not much use for them in my case— but still, if they’re done right, they might come in handy one day, so I’ll check them out. So far, I’ve never been disappointed with any of these updates… except, maybe, for the fact that, if you decide to go with XHTML1.1 as application/xhtml+xml (like I do it here) or plain old HTML 4.01 Strict (like I do it on my Japanese blog), there’s always the need to go inside /includes/ and tweak the markup, otherwise the bitch never validates.
    I have no clue how to write a plugin for that and I understand my-hacks.php is deprecated, so —for now— I have to do it manually every time. Reason for which I’m always in a bad mood when I have to upgrade :)

    But this time, the bad mood was pretty much “worst mood”, with all the shit going around about Tehnorati, Google and whatever measures it’s being rumored they’re about to take against blogs running older software.

    Anyway, no biggie. An upgrade is always a good thing, so I don’t really have anything to complain :D

    Again, thanks a lot for dropping by!
    Keep up the good work.

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