Impostors and Charlatans

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Charlatan Amongst Us

Yesterday, by accident, I came by this website, called, who sells cheap tattoo flash (for people who want to be someone else’s clone). And —surprise!— there’s a page for Dali Rău too, complete with a profile photo, a tag line, a short description and some contact information, links to my website and no less than eight drawings on sale, for prices ranging from 4.90 to 14.90 American dollars.

[screenshot of the fraudulent page, taken on Sunday, April 6th 2008]

The only thing is that it isn’t me and those shitty drawings are definitely not mine!

Well, the name is mine, the description is mine —a few paragraphs copied from my profile page—, the shop address is mine and the links do point to my domain, but the rest is fake. That creep in the photo isn’t me, the tag line is not a quote of something I ever said and those drawings aren’t fucking mine.

So what we got there is a charlatan using my name and my internet presence to pose as a real tattooist, so he or she can sell a few cheap drawings.

I’m sure the people at had no idea about this sham —and, by reading their terms of use, I understand they never bother to verify the authenticity of the items before publishing them— so there wasn’t much they could do to prevent it. At least, I hope it was like this, otherwise they’d end up looking pretty stupid for promoting that kind of cheap stuff by allowing impostors to sell it through them…

So, What’s Gonna Happen?

Well, of course, I contacted them right away and told them about it. I chose to use their regular feedback channel and I chose to refer to this as a publishing error, because I’m not the kind who’d start spraying knee-jerk cease and desist threats —if I hate something more than tattoo flash, I hate this whole “legal” approach— and I hope the owners of the website will respond in a positive manner, saving us all the unnecessary trouble of having to go through lawyers and all that shit…

Haven’t gotten a reply so far —at the time I sent the e-mail it was too early for someone there to be at work— but, as I write this, I think I’ll be seeing one pretty soon.

I’d also like to meet the little piece of shit who used my name to sell their stuff, so I can attempt —in the most unpleasant way— to tear him or her a brand new shiny asshole… But I know that’s not gonna happen, so —for now— I’d be satisfied with a prompt and appropriate response from the owners of

I’ll probably put something on the website too, so that those who visit through those links know that the drawings aren’t mine and they were (about to be) sold some cheap fakes… But probably, as soon as the people at get my message, there won’t be any need for this, so I’ll postpone it a day or two.

What’s Not Going to Happen

Assuming those drawings could be there on sale for some time now, I guess the little shit and have made some money by selling those drawings (although those who paid money for that crap might deserve a new asshole too, just for being that stupid, but that’s another story) so I’d probably be entitled to ask for a reward or a settlement for abusing my trademark.

But that’s not going to happen. I’m not that kind of person and, sincerely, I don’t give a shit if they managed to make some money out of that fraud. I do work for the money I get and I have no intention to obtain some crappy cash for something like this.

All I want them to do is to remove this charlatan from their website. Period.


None :)

I mean, there’ll be one as soon as I get in touch with the owners of the website and that’s when I’m going to update this article too. But for now, the conclusion is not yet here…;)

And, since when this is over, the respective webpage —currently located at— will be taken offline and soon will die out in Google’s cache too, I thought it would be a shame not to record it for posterity… so I took a couple of screenshots, for your viewing pleasure :D

Enjoy :)


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I have received word from and the matter has been resolved.

We have looked into the matter and taken appropriate actions against the artist. The user account is deemed to be in violation of your personal information. maintains strict copyright and intellectual property policies. As such, the user has been suspended and the link will not be available.

For the record, we have tracked the IP of the user and withheld his payments. We will be glad to follow up or keep you posted on updates related to this issue.

Good enough for me. I will not pursue this matter any further so, basically, this is the conclusion I was looking for.

The owners of have taken the appropriate course of action and I’m satisfied with it. The charlatan has been already torn a new asshole, so that too is good enough for me; I’m not gonna pursue the little shit any further.

My thanks to the staff at for the prompt response.

Case closed ;)

4 thoughts on “Impostors and Charlatans”

  1. Well handled. What a turd that guy was. Would be interesting to find out who it is. Maybe you should get royalties on the withheld payments. But good job and all’s well that ends well. And if this turd thought he could make money off your name – you must be more famous than yourself!


  2. Yeah, the dark side nudges me to find out more about the little shit and bully him one way or another. So far, I’ve been resisting heroically :)

    I’m not really looking for retribution; it’s sufficient that the site owners took swift measures and stopped the scam…
    But still, maybe it’s true when they say “all that evil men need in order to succeed is for good men to do nothing” or something like this. But I’m a good guy, I don’t think I could turn into one of those lawsuit freaks ;)

    » And if this turd thought he could make money off your name – you must be more famous than yourself!
    Hell yeah! I wish it was true :D

  3. Ar fi bine sa mai d-ai si tu un semn de viata cand esti liber sau cand treci prin Romania ca poate tu nu-ti d-ai seama
    dar mi-e foarte dor de tine chiar daca vorbesc ca o femeie!


  4. Hahaha, cum adică vorbeşti ca o femeie? :D

    Bine că-mi scrii aici, în pula mea, că dacă nu treceam să mă uit după nişte drăcii, stătea mesajul ăsta o săptămână până să-l văd…
    Bagă e-mail, că e mai uşor ;)

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