Planned Downtime


In a couple of days, this weblog, the main website and the photo archives will be offline for about 8 hours, due to some technical stuffthat is out of my hands (which makes it pretty much unavoidable).

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The planned* downtime starts Saturday, February 9th, 2008 at 15:00 JST (6:00 GMT/UTC) and is expected to end Saturday, February 9th, 2008 at 23:00 JST (14:00 GMT/UTC).

During that period, none of the websites will be accessible, not even the photos on the Japanese website. My mail will be down as well, so I won’t be able to receive nor respond to any messages until the server is back online.

What Does it Mean?

Nothing, it’s just a maintenance operation and it’s done by my web host, not by me; it’s got nothing to do with my websites —apart from the fact that this server maintenance happens to take all my websites offline for about 8 hours— and there are no visible changes to be expected when the sites come back online.

It also has nothing to do with the shop move I said I was planning; it just happens to occur in the same period, but they’re different, unrelated events. Which means that no, this downtime will not be caused by the move of the shop to another location.

Speaking of which, at the moment, I’m not even sure I’ll move the shop anymore… It’s been almost a month since I started looking for a new place and, so far, I haven’t found anything. Therefore, the move might not happen after all but —about this— in a future article, when I have more details.

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and, on the 9th of February, please cut a dude some slack about the “not found” errors you might encounter during those 8 hours ;)

It’ll be all taken care of.

* Actually not “planned” as in “I want to do this” but rather as in “I know about it in advance, so —at least— I can announce when it’s going to happen and for how long… :-\

9 thoughts on “Planned Downtime”

  1. I dunno man – eight hours offline doesn’t sound like a class act on their part. The IPP we’ve been with: they actually moved to a new location about eight years ago and they had something like 15 seconds downtime.

  2. Yeah, something’s going on there, something fishy… It used to be a rather reliable service and then, a couple of years ago, things started spiraling downward. I really don’t know what to do… Prices went down to a nice number, storage and bandwidth went up —through the roof— to very nice numbers, but that’s it; the rest is slowly turning into shit and I’d probably start looking for another host before this one goes down in flames…

    Hosting my stuff in Japan is not an option; way too expensive —compared with any prices I’d get anywhere else— and, so far, I haven’t found a single host that actually lets you go inside to configure whatever you need to do. It’s true that my Japanese site has never been down for more than an hour or so, but there are lots of things I can’t do with it because of this lack of configurability…

    Changing hosts takes a lot of time too, and I really can’t spare any right now, although I’m seriously thinking about it.

    Can’t have the cake and eat it too, I guess :)

  3. Update:

    It seems that the move is over and everything is back online.
    To their credit, it didn’t take longer than they had announced and —along the way— they’d fixed some e-mail problems too, so I guess it’s time for a “phew!” :)

    Now all it has to do is stay like this, I don’t want anymore downtimes… or else all their ass are belong to us :D

  4. Hiya, Rixmeister!

    It’s true, I’ve been skipping a few days off recently…Either unfinished work, or the damn’ dentist :)
    I’ve got a few secured for the next weeks, so I will definitely have time to rest… but I have no idea if I’ll be able to post anything new. First, I have to figure out a way to switch back to HTML… and I kinda put this off for a while now :)

  5. HTML is something that —when done by the book— drives you crazy because the browsers eat all kinds of shit and display everything ass–backwards.

    It’s also something not worth learning, because it takes up too much brainspace and —when done by the book— drives you crazy because etc., etc., etc… :D

  6. True, I cheated, I used a wildcard description, so I can reuse it if someone asks me about CSS, or PHP, or whatever else has to do with browsers :)

    That “bug” is a mix of PHP gnats caught in the chicken wire and Safari ingenuity. I haven’t encountered it in Firefox, nor Camino, nor Opera; previous incarnations of something similar always had me head butt the wall and go in the no-no files to replace escaped shit with unescaped or differently escaped shit…

    I wish voodoo worked, so I can punish a few suckers :D

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