Last of 2007

Exit 2007

In a few hours here —and a few more hours there— 2007 will become “the past” and 2008 will become “the present”. Time to getting used to write “8” at the end of the current year, I guess :)

[preview of under way tattoo]

2007 has been a really good one, in many ways. Lots of stuff has happened, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot more than I expected I would so, looking back, I have a ton of reasons to be pleased about it and remember it as a good year.

Probably a thousand more tattoos, an equal number of drawings, hundreds of new photos, a handful of new friends…

The trip to România was a blast too and I hope the next one will be at least as good!

I couldn’t give up the smoking, the government still exists, Sony is still not bankrupt, Apple smells like Micro$oft, the Amerikan Reich is still at war and the meat puppets all over the world are as obedient as ever, the christian church is still around… meh, what can I say, it hasn’t been all peachy and good, but I can’t really blame myself for any of these fuck-ups… Except for my incapability to quit smoking, but I’m still working on it so I’m not beaten yet ;)

Working on the others too, but that’s a whole different story :D

Bottom line, 2007 has been as good as it could be, so I’m going to keep it in my mind as a pretty successful one.

Enter 2008

Really looking forward to it!

Right now —looking at all the plans I have through a prism of optimism I can only afford on the 31st of every December— I’m expecting 2008 to be at least twice as good as 2007. I’m going to move the shop to a better place —yeah, I’m actually looking for something even better than the one I have now— and I’m going to become a master of efficient schedules :)

I’ll be traveling some more, I’ll be trying to give more time to my friends, I’ll definitely try to do all the stuff I haven’t been able to do so far.

I’ll be trying harder to give up smoking, I’ll keep fucking the government, I’ll keep boycotting Sony, I’ll keep hoping Apple fires Steve and become, once again, the rebels we all believed they were, I’ll keep hoping the American people will finally riot and bring the dictatorship to an end —for that matter, I hope every people will riot and put an end to the dictatorship, regardless of the country— and I’ll keep hoping at least my friends will open up their eyes and see right through the christian hypocrisy…

So you see, I’m pretty optimistic about the new year and I’m really looking forward to all the good stuff that’s going to happen!

To everyone for whom I had the opportunity to work this year, to my friends, to all who helped me out in a way or another and those who simply wrote to say “hello”, I want to thank you from my heart! And I want to wish you all success, maximum health and all the bestest for 2008!

A happy new year to you all!