Zeitgeist — The Movie, 2007

You MUST See This

Zeitgeist — The Movie, 2007”.

It’s a 2-hour movie about religion, government, mind control, slavery and manipulation and —although I can hardly do it justice by trying to summarize or decribe it here— it’s a call addressed directly to YOU. A call to wake up, open your eyes and stand right up.

YOU Need To See It

It’s not one of those “conspiracy theory” essays… at least not to me. I watched it and —although I pretty much knew most of the story— it made me want to share it with everyone I know or care about.

It made me want to do something about it and —since I despise chain e-mails— here it is, for you to watch :)

Zeitgeist — The Movie, 2007” (versions with Spanish, Slovak, Italian, Finnish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and German are also available, as well as various downloads).

It’s a 2-hour movie and it will definitely infuriate you. Hopefully, the anger will stay with you and wake you up, open your eyes and make you stand up.

And do something about it, even if that means only sharing it to the people you know or care about.

Spread the word. The revolution is now…