Back to Work… and a Little Something

Back to Work…

Yesterday —Friday, November the 2nd— I resumed work, returning to the normal schedule.

The cold hasn’t gone away, I’m still coughing myself inside out and having a little trouble with the running nose, but it’s cool [sum kinda pun :)], I’m not suffering too much… since I’m back to work, back to drawing and inking and computering, which’ll give me lots of energy and will blow the sickness away in no time ;)

I’m planning to give this blog an upgrade —WordPress is already at its 2.3.1 version and my installment is still in its 2.0.7s— which is long past due so I’m going to try to do it as soon as I can and, if everything goes well and I get my hands on some more spare time, I think I’ll do a little redesign for the entire thing, including the main website. Other than that, I’m very late with the more important stuff —including replying to e-mails— so, I guess, it’s all back to normal :D

…And a Little Something

I have a few photos I took while I was in România and I want to share them with you.

Since I quit using flickr and my schedule is not really that loose to allow me to build a new website just for this, I took the easy way out and posted them on my Japanese blog, on 4 annexed pages, as follows:

  1. România 2007 » Photo Gallery » Page 1
  2. Page 2
  3. Page 3
  4. Page 4 (last)

The pages are in Japanese, but there isn’t much text anyway, so go ahead and have a look at the photos, whenever you have a minute (or more, because there are actually 285 photos in total). While on each page, right above and below the thumbnails, there are links to the “previous” and “next” pages (these are in Japanese too, but the arrows and the page numbers will make them easy to see).

That’s it for now, I’ll catch you later ;)

7 thoughts on “Back to Work… and a Little Something”

  1. Hi!

    Congratulations for your Romanian photo gallery, you captured lovely landscapes! Now I understand why you like to go there ;)
    Also the new tattoos pics are great!

  2. Hi there!

    I’m glad you liked them and I hope it wasn’t too difficult to browse through the Japanese pages :)
    I have a few more tattoo pics to upload, but it’s gonna take a while… depending on the schedule, ‘cause I can’t seem to find those two–three spare hours I need.

  3. Yeah, sorry about the Japanese–only thing, but anyway, there are no titles nor descriptions to any of the photos, it’s just a generic “landscapes, me, my family and my friends” label for all of them… I’m going to take the time and add descriptions to those photos, but I can’t really do it right now.
    Probably around the new year’s, when I get that little tiny 1-week holiday :)

  4. So, there are no titles for your pics yet? Maybe you should allow your visitors to add descriptions or tags to those pics, if you don’t have time for that ;)

    I saw there in the gallery a strange drawing with a man living in a glass box… Is that yours?

  5. No, no titles yet… I didn’t have enough time to do it, so I left them like that, with a generic description.
    It would be cool if I had an interface or something to let visitors add stuff to the galleries —pretty much like the fuckrs at flickr have— but it’s too difficult to just add that to the blog… And I’m not really into learning new code right now, so I guess it’s not something I’ll be able to do anytime soon.

    I do have the comments though so, if not descriptions and tags, at least I can get some feedback :)


    That drawing! Ah, that drawing…!
    It’s a drawing I had made for my brother, eleven years ago —right before I came to Japan— as a birthday gift. Thing is, I had completely forgotten about it and it was a big —pleasant— surprise when my brother pulled it out of his “treasure chest” and showed it to me! Right before I saw it, I had no idea what he was going to show me… so, imagine, I was really really surprised, it was like warping back eleven years in the past, in one second.

    So I had to take a picture of it :)

    By the way, the man in the glass box is supposed to be my brother —or, at least, this is what he says I told him when I gave him the drawing— and the three characters are his kids and me; me being the little one with the horns and the lollipop :D
    I can’t remember what was the story —if any— behind that design, but it was so cool to get to see the way I was drawing eleven years ago; I’m so glad he kept it!

  6. I got it, no chance to add descriptions and tags to your pics in the near future… :(

    Thanks for explaining me about that drawing… That’s a “family picture” in a very original version. I would never have guessed! Lol!!! You have such a funny imagination.

    So, eleven years ago you was showing your hornes >:)
    I thought you’re drawing horned creatures only recently, but now I see it’s an old hobby of yours ;)

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