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Or, at least, back to what’s ”home” to me right now… Which is Tokyo, ‘cause where I lay my head is home, yeah yeah :)

Caught a bit of a cold, I’m coughing my throat inside out and my ears are still deaf from the rapid descent towards Narita, but I think I’m going to get well pretty soon… Or, at least, I hope I will, because I have a lot of stuff to get done before I reopen the shop. Anyway, nothing a fistful of medicine can’t deal with, so I’m sure I’ll be back to alright in no time ;)

What follows is, in this very order, responding to all e-mails sitting in my inbox, updating whatever I need to update on the websites, preparing my tools, sorting out a ton of photos I took in România and figuring out a way to share them with you… and trying to get all these done in such a manner to allow me for one additional day-off before the 1st of November, ‘cause it seems I’m going to need to pay a couple of visits to my dentist…

The Trip Itself…

…was a blast! Easily disregarding the fact that the Romanian authorities welcomed me with the not-at-all-unexpected we’re going to have to ask you to show us what you have in your luggage greeting and not so easily but bravely disregarding the average of 3°C temperatures of the upcoming winter, my stay there was a total joy.

Two years since the previous visit and all the promises they made —namely drinking the drinks, eating the food and partying the parties— were kept ad litteram, both by my family and my friends :D

I also had time to take a short trip-in-a-trip, four days on the road, visiting my mother’s birthplace and a bunch of historical places throughout the central and northern parts of the country —mostly churches and monasteries— so I guess I can say I had a really good one. Not too much time to rest or bask in whatever I would’ve liked to bask in during the short periods between all these, but I still have a couple of days left so I guess all the resting and the basking will have to be done in Tokyo :)

As I was saying, I have a ton of photos so, as soon as I’m done writing e-mail replies and website updates, I’ll figure out a way —flickr not being an option anymore— to put some of them online for your viewing pleasure.


Thanks a lot for reading this and for the e-mails!

I’ll catch you later.

In case I forgot to mention it somewhere else…

…this is not the end of my holiday, it’s just the end of my trip to România. I’ll resume work on Thursday, the 1st of November ;)

7 thoughts on “Back To Tokyo”

  1. Hi, Dali!

    So, you’re back in Tokyo.
    When the next trip abroad and which destination ? Don’t say Romania again for your next holiday ;) Do you want to visit more churches and monasteries ?! I can’t imagine you visiting religious places…

    Why don’t you show some pics from this trip on this blog, before you make a special website just for them, as you said ?

  2. Hiya~!

    Next stop? No idea yet, it will only happen one year from now, so I haven’t decided anything…

    I’ll probably go to România again, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be no more monasteries this time :D

    »» I can’t imagine you visiting religious places…
    Hehe… Just intruding behind enemy lines, that’s all :)

    I’ll have some photos up pretty soon.
    And I think that’s what I’m gonna do: I’ll put up a new website, maybe as a section of this blog, with a couple of galleries.
    I need to sort them out first, but I’m going to try to have them online in a couple of days ;)

  3. Hi again ;)

    One year from now on you have no vacation? So sad…
    But you think you’ll go Romania again. Why, is it so nice and attractive there?
    Anyway, I’ll check your blog to see those pics…

  4. Nope, same ol’ robot ;)

    I will go to România again, that’s for sure. When, I don’t know yet… Maybe next year or maybe not, I’m not sure yet.
    It’s not that it’s extremely attractive or anything, but I have my family and friends there, so —unless they decide to visit me here— I am going to have to visit them as much as I can.

    But I’ll make sure I go when the weather’s better, I’ve had enough of a cold for this century :)

  5. Dali, if seeing your friends and family was the main purpose of your trip to Romania, better invite them in Japan, when you miss each other and choose other country for vacation ;)

    Visit some exotic place, if you have vacation only one time a year!

  6. Haha :)
    România is fairly exotic to me right now… like any other place, for that matter.

    I know what you mean, but the problem is my mom can’t really travel anymore, so going there to see her is about the only thing I can do. I wish I could invite her here for a while, but Japan is way too far; hell, I had a hard time spending about 20 hours in airports and the crammed airplanes, I can’t imagine my mother doing the same…

    My friends will eventually come to visit one day, but with the family is a lot more difficult.

  7. Romania it’s exotic for you ?! What can I say ? I never been there… Do you recommend it as vacation place or not really ?

    So, you have to keep going there for your mom ;) If this make both of you happy…

    Talk to you soon ;)

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