Away for a Couple of Weeks

Autumn Vacation

Starting with Tuesday, the 8th of October, I’m going to close the shop and take a short trip to România. I’ll be back to Tokyo before the end of the month so I’ll resume the regular schedule starting with Thursday, the 1st of November…

It’s been two years since my last visit to România —I cancelled the trip I had planned for last year due to my iMac’s sudden death— so imagine I’ve got a lot of drinking and partying coming, my brother and my friends back home can’t wait to get their hands on me :) But that’s cool, I mean I actually can’t wait to get there and get my hands on’em :D

A total of about 24 hours, away from anything I might remotely enjoy, is ahead of me —between the entry gate at Narita and the exit gate at Bucharest, with a short stopover in Schiphol, Amsterdam — and I’m not really looking forward to the whole airport–airplane–airport–airplane–airport thing, I hate what air travel has become thanks to our paranoid governments… but heh, România is to far to get there by boat :)

So I guess I’ll just have to make sure I find a good seat in the airplane, a smoking area in the airport, a few beers and a WiFi hotspot so I can distract myself from the shittiness of the flight itself.

This said, I’ll be carrying my Powerbook with me, which brings us to…

Means of Contact

Since I’ll be far away from my phone —and am not planning to carry a mobile phone with me— the only way I can be contacted will be via e-mail. Any of the addresses you know will do, I’ll check them all daily or as soon as I’ll be able to connect to the internet.

Skype is definitely out of the question, unless România has become a WiFi hotspot paradise overnight :)

Given the party–party–party–party schedule I’ll probably have, I can’t really promise I’ll be able to reply promptly, but I’ll do my best. Since I will have the appointment book with me, I’ll be taking requests for appointments as well.

Speaking of appointments…

The Calendar

Although I’ll be trying to keep the calendar updated, the fact that I’m not sure how frequently or how well I’ll be able to connect to the internet, I think we’ll be better off just thinking of the displayed schedule status as inaccurate; if the “Last Updated” line says more than “three days ago”, forget about it and send me an e-mail, I’ll give you the updated schedule directly.

I guess that’s all. Should anything else come up, I’ll be adding to this article or post a new one, with updates.

5 thoughts on “Away for a Couple of Weeks”

  1. Hiya :D

    Thanks a lot, Janette!
    I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a blast! I’ll probably take a bunch of pictures, although right now I have no idea where I’m going to share them… flickr is out of the question, and so is Facebook. Most likely, I’m going to do what I’ve been doing for the last few months: make a new website just for those photos :)

  2. You’re welcome ;)

    I’m sure you’ll take many pictures… photography is just your new love ;)
    If you make a new website with your vacation pics, I hope you’ll show me that one too…

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