Flickr Fucks You

Well, it’s actually Yahoo! who’s doing the fucking, but this time flickr takes the beating.

[parody of flickr’s logo]

Long story short, in their immovable servility to Yahoo!’s policies, flickr has finally toed the line and begun censoring content as well.
Do a Google search on “flickr censorship”, “fuckr” or “censr” for the whole thing.

Bottom line, to me this was the last straw, so I deleted all —but one— images I had stored there and will stop paying for a pro account.
When my current account expires I will also ditch the thorn-in-my-side that has been the e-mail address and that will also be the last day I will ever have something to do with Yahoo!
Except —maybe— for the bashing and bad-mouthing I’ll give them here and there, on the net :D

The name of the game is boycott and I encourage you to do the same.
Or, at least, read the stories and then make your own mind ;)

Anyway, fuck’em all.
This is me standing and going against the grain.

P.S.: Oh, by the way, go get yourself a Gmail account… or whatever else. I’m one push away from adding yahoo. to my mail server blacklist :)

P.P.S.: For those who would want to join the boycott but are not too thrilled at the perspective of having to backup up manually, one by one, all their pictures on flickr, Flickr Backup will download them all to your computer in no time. It works on all platforms and it’s free.