WordPress 2.0.7 Under My Skin

Feels Good, Tastes Good, Mmm! Smells Good

Just a security upgrade, they say, so I guess there’s not much to talk about from my point of view, since all I had to do was replacing the old files with the new ones, copy and paste whatever hacks I wrote here and there, check for broken stuff and do the “pheew!” thing when everything went back online nice and smooth. But, as any new toy, it feels good, tastes good, mmm! smells good :)


Again, BBEdit’s “Find Differences…” is the shit and I don’t know if I could’ve gotten any sleep tonight without it! Adding comments wherever I hacked the wp-includes was a good idea too and I’m attaboying myself for that, because it saved me at least a couple of hours of looking at unreadable code :D

So yeah, everything’s back to normal; this one went smooth.

What Is New

Not brand new —since I installed it before this upgrade, but new since I forgot to talk about it— but worth mentioning is the addition of “Bad Behavior” to this blog (and the Japanese one, for that matter). Not that I was getting too much spam or anything, but even the few that were getting through the filters daily were enough to annoy me, so why not give it a shot? And it works like a charm; I haven’t gotten a single piece of spam ever since. In the footer of this weblog —right at the bottom— there’s a tiny counter that shows how many spam bots have been blocked from accessing the site in the last seven days. Right now it says “217” and guess what, none of the motherfuckers got through. As a matter of fact, it works so well I’m even considering reopening the comments for all the posts in the archives…

Not one of the under-my-skins, but worth mentioning, is Lightbox JS, which is an amazing piece of software. I love it and I’d love to put it to work here, on the blog, as additional eye-candy, but damn! it doesn’t work in XHTML served us application/xhtml+xml… Which is the sole reason I’m not using it already. There is an alternative, its supple sisterin Litebox which —with a little help— is said to be fixing that shortcoming, but when you’re like me and Javascript looks just like the flowing green Matrix code, doing anything more complex than unzipping—uploading—clicking-on-some-buttons is too much of a hassle and 99% prone to failure, headaches and relentless cursing in the dark :)

Again, not yet one of the under-my-skinies — and again because application/xhtml+xml is too sexy for badly written Javascript— but worth mentioning since I’m thinking about it in a serious fashion ( :D ) is the resurrection of the Google AdSense thingies. They’re already in place on the Japanese sites and I’m looking for solutions to make them work here too. Couple of bucks won’t do much, but it would be more than nil and, with perseverence, it could even turn into something helpful (server fees and shit like that). So, basically, as soon as 1. Google comes up with new Javascript that works in XHTML or 2. I figure out a way to make the old Javascript to work in here, I’ll sport a couple of ads here and there; most likely at the bottom of the pages, out of the way.

That’s about it. The upgrade went well, I have new shiny backups of everything and I’m going to sleep ;)