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For now, anyway…

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Right after the upgrade to WordPress 2.0.5, I started tweaking the look of the site —mostly the color scheme and some alignment issues— but ended up rewriting a lot of the under-the-hood, moved stuff around, nuked the “About” and “Contact” pages —which were only redundant clones of the ones on the main website— and polished a little the “Archives” and “Search” pages. So it took more than those three playlists after midnight, but it came out fine, I guess, so it was worth it… It was worth it nuking the few days I thought I’d spend as, you know, “days off” :)

While at nuking things, I also went with it and removed most of the colors in the color scheme too. As you see, the site is pretty much black and white now and the only colors that will show up are the links (when hovered with the mouse they turn red) and the sporadic color photos inside the articles.

It might not be entirely accessible nor usable —as they say— but I think it’ll work just fine ;) After all, I do have whims and I do indulge them every now and then :D

Now, since I haven’t posted about these site updates in a long while, what’s worth mentioning is that, even though I haven’t announced on the weblog, I did update the galleries, quite a few times, in the last months. In total, I think I uploaded about 50–100 new photos, in all collections.

As usual, the newest are at the top left side of each thumbnail gallery (or section of it).

The calendar, as well, is updated almost daily —or as soon as a schedule change occurs— but I only announce that in the RSS feed so, if you’re keeping an eye on the available openings and haven’t subscribed yet to my feed, here’s the link : (your browser will know what to do ;))

I guess that’s all… Or I got bored typing, so I make it “all” :D

2 thoughts on “Blog Renewal”

  1. Very well done! I really like the new design. Very creative and detailed. I think the grayscale design looks quite modern. I have to deal with the fact that my own sites will never be “finished” but I think my various blogs are also starting to come on nicely. Just need more time… Life’s just too hectic. ;)

  2. I’m glad you like it!

    I’ve been wanting to give it a try with this grayscale–only scheme for a long time, but always ended up throwing in a little blue for hyperlinks and the likes, worried that no color at all might be a real usability problem… However, given my target audience, I can safely assume that I do have a little freedom in taking it a little bit further into the “experimental” thing —both because only modern browsers are given this stylesheet (which, although it doesn’t highlight the hyperlinks with colors, it underlines those inside the text when their container blocks are hovered) and because I don’t think I have too many, if any, sight impaired visitors (other than those arriving by accident or out of pure curiosity)— so I thought I’d give it a shot.

    Also, as I was saying, I do have whims :D

    I’m still trying to decide whether I do something about Internet Exploder or I keep ignoring it.
    At the moment, there’s only a tiny bit of styling, embedded in the head —hidden behind a if (stristr($_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"],"MSIE")) and conditional comments— but that’s used mostly to put a “dump IE!” graphic at the top of the page and change the default color of the hyperlinks, and it contains no layout rules…

    I guess, in the end, it’ll land somewhere between a very basic “background-color, font-size, float:left‘n’right” kind of sheet and a little eye-candy here and there, just so I can sleep better knowing I’m not entirely stubborn :)
    But that’s only if I feel like it, since I don’t really intend to accommodate the other kind of stubborns ;)

    Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out why some utf-8 characters (mostly Japanese) turn to gibberish on Gecko browsers when sent from inside PHP (I don’t have this problem here, but I encountered it while tweaking the Japanese sites)…

    Hey, Charl, thanks for dropping by!
    Good luck with the websites, I know you’ll finish them one day :)

    I dig the new header graphics you’re using here and there, especially the one on! It’s awesome!

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