“Thanks” and “Fuck”s

I don’t normally do this, especially when my biases get in the way… but this time is different.

About an hour ago I got this e-mail —sent through the feedback form on the contact page of the main website— from somebody signing as “800 spam mail” on a “yourspam” account from @aol.com, telling me that the respective feedback form is being used by spammers to send out bulk e-mail and suggesting a solution to deal with it.

Solution which was very easy to implement and, as far as I can tell, is quite effective.

So, what I need to do is say “thanks a lot!” to the dude at AOL. The solution you suggested worked as a charm; if I knew the cockroaches are using my mail form to spread their shit, I would’ve done it long ago.

And, of course, I have to say a(nother) couple of round, clearly pronounced “fuck you!”s to the scum of the Earth, also known as spammers.

3 thoughts on ““Thanks” and “Fuck”s”

  1. Ooo, hi there too :)

    Yeah, that was a long time ago… and it seems it worked out just fine.
    I’m still using the same form and haven’t gotten any other complaints ever since…

    What it [the advice from the AOL dude(tte)] actually was, was a suggestion to add an <options/> element to the mail form, that would require user interaction (click, scroll, click) thus thwarting the bots attempts to automate sending mail through my form script. So I added a required “Location:” field that asks the visitor to select a country (or city) from a pulldown menu and, so far, no spam bot has been able to get past that, apparently.

    So yeah, I guess it is indeed amazing such sound advice can come from an AOLer… but I bet the person just works there, so they made’em use an AOL account for official stuff :D
    Other than that, he/she is a good dude(ette). At the time, I really appreciated the feedback ;)

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