The Things We Quit…

One of the advices most frequently heard by someone who’s trying to quit a bad habit is tell everyone around you about it, so they can mock you when you fail :) It’s even written on the instructions leaflet inside the anti-smoking chewing gum I have here.

So I’ll just go right ahead and beat the drums about it, hoping this’ll take some of the strain off my mind :D

I Quit Smoking

Actually, it seems that the best way to think about it is that I stopped smoking, because “quitting” might imply I’m giving something up against my will… But fuck technicalities, the difference is too tiny to bother me in any way. I quit smoking, I stopped smoking, I gave up smoking, I’m no longer smoking, all of the above three times around ;)

A friend of mine gave me a book —one of those best-sellers in Allen Carr’s “EasyWay®” series— called, naturally, “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to STOP SMOKING”. Supposedly, it’s one of those things that just work… like a miracle. I gave it a shot, two, three, four shots, but every single time I failed, partly because I seem to have a problem with the way it’s trying to make me accept a little bit of brainwashing for a greater cause and partly because I just couldn’t get past page 50; every single time I tried to read it, it bored me to death and it made me sleepy :)

If I want brainwash, I have to do it myself, otherwise I’ll infallibly end up rejecting it. So that’s what I’m trying to do and it seems it’s kinda working…

So, how am I trying to do it?

The hard way I guess… Abruptly, with no only-tonight-at-the-bar exceptions and with a lot of nicotine-laced chewing gum, pats on the shoulder from anyone who cares and with a huge list of advices from anyone who quit or knows anything about it.

And with a lot of bragging about it :D

So, if you have any advice, drop me a line and share. If you just want to pat me on the shoulder, yes, please, do so! :)


Obviously, because I’ve gone too far and I’ve been, undoubtedly, smoking way too much. Which can only be a bad thing, almost as bad as believing in fairy tales about omnipotent creatures, afterlife, aliens and all the likes :D

This being the hard part, now the easy one:

I Quit Using Yahoo!

Meaning that I am no longer using any of the services provided by Yahoo!, that including the Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail.

I will have to keep my e-mail address, because I have this flickr account and —flickr being a fucking part of Yahoo! now— I need it for logging in and stuff, but I am not going to use it anymore for any kind of correspondence.

So I uninstalled the messenger piece-of-shit-software, trashed it and that was it.

As I said, this one was easy. More difficult will be to get all my friends to install Skype or any flavor of Jabber, but that’s another thing :)

Speaking of which, on Skype I can be found at graphicatskype.


Because Yahoo! sucks and they, obviously, have gone too far. Almost as far as America Online and Micro$oft, but you already knew that.

And because I had to restart my Mac twice last night, because the shitty messenger decided —despite my repeatedly hitting it with the kill -9— not to quit and get its ugly face out of my Dock. Fuck that! I’ve just been through a hard disk failure that made me overly suspicious about shitty software and I’m not going to risk another one just because I’m too stubborn to definitively switch to something better…

So, if you drop by, give me the attaboy for loosing the bad habit.

And get yourselves a copy of Skype, so we can chat about it ;)

3 thoughts on “The Things We Quit…”

  1. Very glad to hear you gave up on Yahoo messenger. I always try to tell people to use Jabber because if all my contacts used that I would no longer need MSN. At least Google Talk and Jabber can speak to each other, so the use of either is great in my opinion.

    Personally I am not that fond of Skype either because it’s still based on proprietary protocols, but at least it’s easy for VoIP and has client apps for many different platforms (including mobile). Will remember to add you as contact next time I use Skype. :)

  2. Hey, Charl! Long time no see!

    Yeah, it’s fucking hard to get people to install something new (I still have a few I haven’t been able to convince to even install Firefox, so go figure), especially when most of my friends are on Windows and pretty much none of them have ever used anything but MSN or Yahoo… Or AOL, but I don’t want to mention this, because they are my friends an all :D

    For me, on a Mac, Skype is the only available option at the moment, if I want to have audio-video chat compatibility with Windows users. iChat’s audio-video works only between Mac users and only between .mac accounts —which reduces dramatically the number of people on my buddy lists— so, until GoogleTalk comes up with more than text messanging, I’m stuck with Skype.

    I do like Skype, actually… It works rather well and the servers —although crowded at all times— are a lot faster than anything I’ve seen so far. Not mentioning that it’s still free, which makes it a lot easier to introduce to my stubborn Windoze-friendsterz :)

    Of course, I’d love to have an app that can do all of them, like Adium, and not be required to have a hundred thousand e-mail accounts for every little piece of messenger, but that’s wishful thinking (or laziness) :)

    In any case, Yahoo is gone and fuck’em if I’ll ever install their piece of shit again on my computer… It doesn’t have anything I can’t find in other apps and it has all the defects that made me want to switch to other apps… So I guess it was a natural move.
    Having to convince my friends to switch to something better is, indeed, a drag but hey, nothing is easy anymore in this world ;)

    I’m on Skype almost every night —that’d be every afternoon in your time zone— so yeah, it would be great if we could chat some time!

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