E-Mail Kaput

Well, temporarily kaput… hopefully.

We (Dreamhost, my host) have had to temporarily suspend outgoing email from our webservers due to an enormous spam run. We are having trouble pinning down the exact cause, however it is a distributed spam run across multiple servers (at least 20 that we have found so far). Once this has been resolved we will reenable it and queued email should go out. […] This does not affect regular email like you send through your email client or webmail.

Tiny correction (by me):

This does affect regular e-mail, because —since this morning— I haven’t been able to receive or send (or interract with the mail server in any way, for that matter) any e-mail to or from my graphictribe.com and .net accounts.

In plain English, since this morning (Sunday, July 2nd), I cannot receive or send e-mails to or from any of the addresses I use for the tattoo shop. I’m pretty sure the wizards at Dreamhost will get to the bottom of this quickly and fix whatever is broken —they always do— but, meanwhile, if you have an emergency or anything that can’t wait a couple of hours, please call me.

Monday, June 3rd, mail still not working… It’s becoming a little bit of a pain-in-the-ass type of trouble so, until it gets fixed, any of my graphictribe.com addresses are unreliable. If you need to contact me via email, please use the mail form on this blog or replace everything after the @ symbol —in the addresses you know— with graphictribe.jp (my Japanese addresses, which work just fine). I’ll update again as soon as there’s any progress.

They seem to have fixed it and yes‼ it seems it works just fine! I’ve just popped my mailer open and the error messages haven’t shown up so far… and e-mail is flowing in like crazy :) So it appears that the problem has been solved. I’ll get to my mail a.s.a.p. and reply to all, so give me a couple of hours ;)