An Arrogant LOSER

That’d be me :)

Or, as Bubba says:

Website Suggestion

You’re pretty arrogant to deny access to your website to internet explorer.

I’d open your website using another windows browser or boot up my linux box, but I thought that instead of wasting my time looking at your stoopid site, I’d tell you that you can fuck off.

Don’t bother banning my IP — I won’t be back.


E-mail from Bubba (on MSIE).

Cool! I haven’t got any hate mail in… wait… at least six months or something. Always refreshing! Not mentioning that it’d be the first time I get one from someone who — get a load of this — has a Linux box at home!!! Wow!

Thanks for the website suggestion, dude (dudette?). As a matter of fact, I am fucking off right now :)

P.S.: Instead of an(other) yawn, I’d just say that access is not denied to anyone — my website can be viewed with any browser; it’s just that the piece of shit called Internet Exploiter gets a simpler, plain-vanilla, unstyled version, to match its outstanding abilities… But, I guess I’ll just yawn again and fuck off some more :D

5 thoughts on “An Arrogant LOSER”

  1. I have received similar flames over the years, but just ignore them. Some souls are seriously misguided by certian large monopolies and like to critisise that which they don’t fully understand. I think the main misconception is that we are actually hijacking them. In the meantime, IE is the one that’s hijacking them.

    Simply put, we can’t put up with IE because it can’t put up with us. :)

  2. A new one —just because it’s rather funny— from someone who names himself “fuckyou” (or is it that people call him like that, maybe?), hates Mozilla, assumes that all e-mail addresses end in “” and is from Greece:

    »» “why the fuck would anyone bother to dl a fucking whole new browser just to see your shitty fucking website?”

    Fucking good fucking question!

  3. Ha ha ha, that’s evil :D

    I don’t really want to lock them out completely, just want to show them why it’s so important —and why it would be so much better for them too— to get rid of that piece of shit and get a real browser. That’s why, instead of just redirecting them to somewhere else or crashing their so-called browser, I decided to simply show them a plain vanilla version of the site and the invitation to switch to better software.

    I have a couple of tricks here too —some PHP, some Javascript and some .htaccess magik too— but I haven’t really found a real reason to use them.
    Basically, for a long time now, I gave up trying to explain to everyone why InternetExploder is so bad, and I gave up being nice to the stubborn ones too. Still, I’m a nice guy —at the core— so I haven’t had the heart to just bounce their browsers away :)

    I do that with the blacklisted domains and IPs trying to access my contacts page though :D

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