This and That

While I’m getting ready to upgrade to 2.0.1, I’m doing a little bit of cleaning up here and there, consisting mostly in locking comments and pings on several older posts, because they were managing to attract those cockroaches we call “spammers” and I was wasting too much time in the admin panel deleting their comments. Besides, no other comments were coming in, so I guess it won’t bother anyone…

As far as I’m concerned, Akismet is not worth neither the fee they ask for, nor going through the hassle of opening a account just to get the key, since I don’t really get so much comment spam (one or two a week is, by far, easily manageable), besides being rather funny to read some of the new type of spam oozing nowadays :)

Other than this, I’ve just replaced a couple of photos — in the tattoo galleries — I had uploaded the other day, with new (better) photos.

And nothing else… except for the fact that I am pretty fucking excited about tomorrow night, when I’m going to see “The Prodigy” live, in Tokyo. I haven’t seen them for about 12 years; I can’t wait!

Oh and yeah, Adobe sucks!
Gimp and Inskcape look like the best alternative, but their UI sucks too, so for now I’m just sighing and cursing and waiting for them to upgrade to something usable…