Gallery Update

I should’ve been able to do this about a week ago, but I found myself in a time crisis like never before, with the additional flavor of some server trouble last night, causing the Japanese blog to go apeshit and hit me with an annoying 403 error (haven’t found the real cause, but I managed to fix the problem, thanks to the magicians at DreamHost) so I ended up uploading everything this morning and editing the gallery pages just a couple of minutes ago, right after I closed the shop for the day.

So the galleries have been updated, some 60 new photos are up and all is back to normal :)

With the exception of the dragons and tribal rings galleries, all other sections have been updated with at least 3–4 pics each; as usual, the latest ones are at the upper-left side of the thumbnail galleries, at the top of each subsection of the collections. Actually, the ones you don’t remember seeing are the new ones, so I’m sure you’ll notice them right away ;)

Some really cool stuff, especially in the biomechanics and kitsch art sections, so whenever you have a minute, please visit. I’m sure you’ll like them!

While I’m at it, the calendar has also been updated (the weekly routine), and so were other few things here and there, mostly under the hood, to keep the site running smooth. WordPress 2.0.1 is out and everybody says I have to upgrade, because it seems that 2.0 has a handful of bugs that needed to be fixed — I’m pretty sure I was hit by one of them last night, when the Japanese blog decided to choke itself to death — so I guess I’m gonna have to find some spare time one day and get to it. It is a pain in the ass, no doubt, because I have customized a lot of files and I will need to port those customizations to the new ones, but I think it’s worth the effort… so if you see the site down these days, no worries, it’ll be back as soon as possible ;)

And that’s it for now, my inbox screams for attention so I guess I’m just gonna have to give it to it :)

P.S.: The Michael Jordan portrait preview in this post is not yet done, I still need to work on it, so it’s not yet in the galleries either. That’s why it’s a preview :) Something like the ”Under way…” page I used to have a couple of years ago, but toned down to one tattoo per post… blog style :)

2 thoughts on “Gallery Update”

  1. Hello, Dali!
    I just saw your tattoos gallery, all are great but the latest ones are just gorgeous. The most interesting to me are your compositions and the biomechanics.
    Congratulations for your tattoos and also for your website design.

  2. Hi, Janette :)

    Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like them.
    I guess I should thank to the gorgeous people who had me doing these tattoos too; without them, I wouldn’t have anything to show ;)

    Welcome aboard!

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