WordPress 2.0 Under My Skin

Well, not exactly under my skin, since application/xhtml+xml-flavored XHTML 1.1 junkies — like me — still have to go through a lot of grunting and swearing to repair their templates after the one-click-thingies do their job and install the upgrade and that keeps me from loving it with all my heart… but nevertheless, under my blog’ skin… In an under-the-hood way, if you know what I mean ;)

Bottom line, the dudes and dudettes who wrote the detailed step-by-step upgrade tutorial have done a great job. It went exactly as expected, no bumps nor fuck-ups… It took me less than an hour to get the blog back online and the actual upgrade — including database back-ups, FTPing and re-enabling plugins — was as advertised: no longer than ten-fifteen minutes. The rest of the hour was spent exclusively on squashing the fucking bugs these one-click jobs always leave behind; namely, uncalled for tags sticking their noses in my well-formedness :)

No major problems so far, not even minor ones. As soon as I’m done hacking back the files I had to hack when I first installed the monster, the whole thing will be back to normal… hopefully :)

Meanwhile, if you happen to catch any misbehavior at all, please let me know about it so I can fix it right away.


I’ve posted a couple of comments, tweaked the new kses.php, deleted them, tweaked some more, posted again… Ended up disabling any markup input in the comments, because 2.0 doesn’t seem to be able to deal with incorrectly nested shit and unclosed tags… That’s a bummer, because I really liked the way 1.5.2 was handling them but *sigh*… I guess I’m going to have to do without them.

The rest is good, as I said previously: apart from this bug — ot should I call it “fuck-up”? — with the way 2.0 handles badly-formed markup in the comments, I can see no other problem. An upgrade is an upgrade, too bad it still feels like a downgrade…

And no, I’m not going to give up XHTML 1.1 just because a certain version of the software fails to grasp its subtleties :p

Bottom line again, 2.0 is alright and under my skin, but not very close to my heart. I’m mostly dissapointed. And I’ll stop bitching now:)