Gnat Caught In The Chicken Wire

I’m was having a tiny little bit of a problem with my server, which causes was causing some of the pages of the main website to be displayed with a few errors here and there.

It is some under-the-hood glitch that makes some of the scripts to fail. It affects only the way the CSS rules are applied, the page titles and the navigation menu (including the relation links), so, basically, it doesn’t break anything but some part of the exterior aspect.

The site is usable — no problem — and I already took measures to repair what was broken, but, in case you find some weird behavior now and then, know that I already know about it and trying to fix it as we speak ;)

Also, the DreamHost support magicians are working on it, so I guess it’ll be fixed by tonight.

I found a workaround and it’s all fixed now. The site should work as expected. Unless the fix I wrote won’t be in conflict with what the magicians do server-side, there should be no problem anymore and you won’t notice any change. Hopefully :)