Pui Sze Chow Art Exhibit Announcement

Next year, between Saturday, January 7th and Tuesday, February 28th, my friend Sze C. — of Sze C. Tattoos in Hong Kong — opens an art exhibition hosted by the “a’ha” gallery, located at G/F 10 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong.

The exhibition will be — as Sze C. says:

[…] a special way to show my artwork so please come over on time.

Will have drinks and homemade cookies […] made by my girl friend Amabel[…]

More info…(link broken; will update when fixed)

A demonstration of temporary tattooing (body painting) will also be made, for the first 10 people to show up ;)

So, if you happen to be in Hong Kong next year, it sounds like a cool way to spend an evening… She draws very nice and I bet there’s going to be a crowd of tattooed people around… together with the drinks and cookies on the house, perfect recipe for a party ;)