Site Renewal Forecast… and a Request

In the next couple of days — around Thursday, November 17th–Friday, November 18th — I’m planning to online the new version — v. 6.0 — of the tattoos website. It is already written, the design is almost complete, I still have to check for loose ends and finish up the so-called “styles” for M$IE and it’s all done.

Details about the whole renewal after I’ll have it up online and running smooth, but there’s one thing I’d like to say beforehand.

Exactly as the current version does, the new one will also work properly only in real broswers; that is, Windows Internet Exploder users will have to put up with a stripped down, unstyled version which, most likely, will not function properly… because I haven’t taken any steps to ensure it would. The story is too long to be told here, but you’ll read about it in the post-renewal article — if you don’t already know how much I hate this stupid excuse of a browser… Bottom line, the next version of the site will only be accessible in modern browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Flock, Camino, Safari or Opera) and totally out of reach for Micro$haft Internet Exploiter.

This being the forecast, here’s my request: please dump Internet Explorer now, go download any of the aforementioned modern browsers, install it and start using it. Now.

I’ve rewritten the website in a very nice manner, I have increased its usability and accessibility, I’ve even made it a little nicer… Internet Exploder is not capable of showing you half the stuff I put in it and you will loose a bunch of good stuff — besides keeping your computer open wide to viruses and malware — and that’s a shame, because any other browser — freeware, mind you! — is able both to give you a very pleasant experience and protect your computer from the shit floating on the internet thanks to the spammers.

So dump Internet Exploiter! Now. Please!

Of course, also keep an eye on this space for the renewal announcement due in a couple of days :)