Photo Galleries Update

A tiny update to the photo galleries at the main site, as I promised a couple of days (weeks?) ago.

Not too many, but some really nice stuff, as always. A couple of portraits, a few animals and flowers, a few tribals and a few letterings; a total of 30 or 40 new pics, out of the hundred and n-ty sitting on my desktop, waiting to be uploaded for the next update.

There are so many I wish I could upload right away, but it’s very difficult to find enough spare time to take care of the galleries… So, every time, I have to pick a few out of the ones I’m dying to show off, being careful to include all types of designs — otherwise I might end up with an update containing only portraits or biomechanics — so everybody can find something interesting in every update, and then dodge whatever not-urgent to-dos I have on the list, keep an eye on the clock and start editing.

Editing, meaning resizing the images to something suitable for web, both dimensions– and file size–wise, cropping those images that have too much “wasted” space, cutting out portions I had been asked — by the clients — to hide, adjusting brightness to those photos that are too dark, dull those areas that are too bright because of the flash or accidental reflections from the room lighting, making the monochrome thumbnails and so on.

Once the image editing done, I list them — literally <li>st them — on the appropriate pages, upload everything, check it once for typos and well-formedness of the markup, update my sitemaps and the feeds and then here I go, writing this update announcement :)A mix of Photoshop — I hate to admit it, but I’m still using it — for the image editing part, the Terminal and BBEdit for the web pages, Transmit or, again, the Terminal for the FTP part, Uploadr (in case I need to use some eye-candy for the blog article) and then Mozilla, Firefox, Camino or Safari (it only depends on the mood I’m in at that moment) to get to my admin panel and start posting.

I started announcing a website update and ended up describing how I do it :) Which tells me that I have too much free time on my hands, so I better go get some more work done. Or get some sleep, because it’s already 2:00 AM and tomorrow’s early and long ;)