Calendar Update and More…

Calendar Update

I’ve updated the calendar to display the schedule up until April 2006.

À propos, at the time of this writing, there are only two days still available for appointments on the current year, Monday, December 26th and respectively, Tuesday, December 27th… so if you’re planning to get something done this year, now is the time to call me. There are a few one-hour openings here and there — available for consultation meetings — but they’re not going to be there for long… my inbox is full of appointment requests and, as I reply, the open spots disappear one by one.

Those who plan to travel to Tokyo next year for a tattoo, it would be a good ideea to contact me for an appointment at least three or four months in advance, so we can book in the dates matching your visit schedules before they get booked up.

Photo Galleries Update

Not yet, but I’m pretty close to uploading a couple dozen new pics. I’m editing them as we speak, so I guess it’s a matter of days. I’ve got a bunch of new tribals, a couple of portraits and lots of those cute little ones you see in the kitsch art gallery.

A few large ones — including a biomechanical full-sleeve — coming up pretty soon, as I’m almost done with them and I’ll be taking a bunch of photos. Maybe not this time, but definitely next time, hopefully before December. I’m planning a major update at the end of the year, maybe even a redesign for the May 1th reboot (warning: flash website), but that will only happen if the current schedule doesn’t kill me :)

Design Requests

As usual — and only because I really have a hard time finding any spare time in this mad schedule — it’s going to take about two weeks until I can get back to you with the drawings so, for those who had just contacted me and haven’t gotten a reply yet, rest assure that I received your messages and I’ll respond as soon as possible, but please give me a couple more days…

I’m not going to add any “urgent” fee or anything — at least not this year — so, if you have a deadline or are in a hurry, try to contact me at least a month in advance, otherwise I might not be able to help you out in time.

…and More :)

I tried to visit the photo archives, but the pages look weird… Is the site broken?
No, the site works just fine, but it doesn’t look right in InternetExplorer, because it’s been written for modern, web standards-compliant browsers.
So, when will you fix it, because I’d really like to see it?
Never. There’s nothing to fix. You can always use Firefox, Mozilla, Camino or Safari; they’re free and they are built for the contemporary web. I’m not going to deface my website(s) just because a single “browser” doesn’t know how to display what’s written in there.
Yeah… Speaking of which, all your websites — including the blog — look like shit in InternetExplorer. So what’s up, do you have a grudge against that browser or something?
I’d say No, I have nothing against InternetExplorer. It has a grudge against my website but this would be a lie. So I say Yes, I have a lot of grudges against InternetExplorer; it’s old, outdated, broken and stupid because this is the truth. What you’re asking me is, basically, why your black and white TV set cannot see my multicolor broadcast… So if you want multicolor, get a color TV and stop bugging me, because it’s not my fault. If you want to stick with your archaic black and white set, be my guest, but let me tell you: you’re missing a lot of nice shows, friend…

Yup, same ol’ same ol’ motherfucker that I ever was :D

I could, of course, go with the IE 7 — after all, it’s just a little bit of Javascript under-the-hood — but I won’t, because I promised myself this will be one compromise I’m not going to make. Ever.

What, did they paint the world black and white so it looks right on old TVs? Or did they invent the color TV so it can show the world as it was..?

See? I’m not the stubborn one here… ;)