New Blog

New Stuff

Same name, same topics, same author. New location, new software, new face… Satisfaction, a little bit of anxiety and hope this will work as expected (lots of visitors – feedback – self-improvement – more satisfaction).

All in all, the Graphic Tribe Tattoos weblog has a new location ( hosted by DreamHost, a new face and a couple of new features

Old Stuff

The Blogger blog is still online and I shall keep it there for a while — mostly to redirect visitors toward this new space and avoid link rot — but it won’t be updated anymore. All new articles will be published here from now on, because this is the official Graphic Tribe Tattoos weblog now.

To Do Stuff

I need to work a little more on the templates and the stylesheet — not mentioning the header image and the rest of the graphics — but not knowing diddlysquat about PHP doesn’t help at all… Nor does help an appointment book filled up for the next four months… but I’ll find time ;)
A bug here [Safari fucks up the URIs containing ampersands (bug submitted)] and one there (Opera chokes on chains of child and adjacent combinators), besides the ubiquitous bug (Internet Explorer exists)… They’ll all get fixed — except, of course, for the hundred thousand bugs in IE which, by the way, hasn’t been taken in consideration at all when this site was being written, because I don’t do that anymore — and new, sexy graphics will be up soon but, meanwhile, please use it as it is.

I mean, it’s not bad at all; it works just fine and it looks almost like I want it to, comments can be posted at any time and the feeds are up and running… but, if you find any glitch somewhere, including the annoying cross-browser incompatibilities, please contact me so I can deal with them.

This Is The New Shit

And if there are still people out there hesitating to install WordPress — which, indeed, is poetry — because they lack coding (I mean PHP) knowledge, don’t. Don’t hesitate, because it’s written and put together in such a manner that you can use it very easily; the code is filled with comments explaining every function and parameter, the admin panel is really user-friendly (and I hate control panels, because I can never remember all this “technical” terminology) and, for most part, you can simply tweak the setting by clicking and filling in text fields, without the need to type code‘n’shit ;)
And if you already use DreamHost, you don’t even need to open your FTP to kickstart the blog. All you need to do is go to your admin panel at DreamHost, look for the “Goodies” section, click on the “One-Click Installs” tab, check the radio box saying “WordPress” and you’re done; they’ll install it for you in a couple of minutes, send you one of their funny support e-mails with info regarding the installed software and you can start blogging in an hour or so.

Trust me, this description is from my own experience. I’m not advertising the software, I’m just saying that it feels great to have the stuff you wanted after a year of surrogates you’s used only because it seemed that WordPress — for example — was made for geeks and hackers, and usual dudes and dudettes couldn’t possibly use it.


So yeah, bookmark me or update your old bookmarks and drop by from time to time, I’ll keep posting stuff as I’ve done so far (hopefully, more often and more consistent).

I still have a ton of new pics to upload to the galleries and to my flickr photostream and I’m planning to (re)start some other stuff soon, besides the ”Cretins Of The WWW • Part II” awards and a couple more rants I’be been thinking about since I got back from Europe. The tattoo shop is busy as hell as usual so time to do stuff not written in the appointment book is still a rara avis, but I promise I’ll do it as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “New Blog”

  1. Man, congrats! Excellent that you’ve decided to take the step; I’ll be migrating too soon.

    I’ve actually attempted to write my own custom weblogging engine instead of WordPress, but because of time constraints I think I might be moving to WP too soon.

    I have played with WP a bit on a test site; to be honest there are some things that I don’t like but I think it’s much better than any other software package out there I’ve seen yet (especially Blogger).

    I was quite relieved to hear that you also encountered that Opera bug with those adjacent subling selectors; I had it too and thought I was just going crazy or something (didn’t have enough time to set up test cases and do proper debugging yet). Also very glad to hear that you’ve thrown out IE entirely – that’s excellent news!

    Also, if I can ever help you with anything PHP just give a shout – I use it for my job so I’ve gotten pretty used to it. Also if you need help with the content negotiation and choking IE – although since Google doesn’t read semantics when XHTML is being sent as proper XML your search engine listings will be totally stuffed then.

    Anyway, enjoy your new blog, and best of luck! Bloglines updated. :)

  2. Hey, Charl, it’s been a while!
    Still an open source gangster, right? Cool :)

    Actually, I’m reading your articles all the time on NetNewsWire and I know you’re getting somewhere with the home-made software you were talking about a few months ago… but yeah, “busy” is a pain in the ass, isn’t it? :)
    I know exactly what you mean.

    I’m pretty sure you won’t have any trouble at all switching to WordPress!
    For me, it was indeed a big step, because I usually run and hide when I hear “PHP”… It took me a while to figure out what goes where, but –fortunately— they’d wrote most of the stuff for guys like me (lots of // this function displays that link… type of comments all over the place) so I didn’t have to waste weeks googling terminology and tech slang :)

    And the application/xhtml+xml thingie made me really happy, so I’ve got nothing to complain about (as opposite to what I was doing at Blogger).

    Too bad one is still forced to add these useless <div>s here and there to use some CSS but hey, I can get over that..! At least I can use my <body> instead of that stupid <div id="wrapper"> :D

    Opera, yeah, does choke on the kind of body>div:first-child+ul+ul+ul+div>ol>li>p:last-child a::after I’m using here and there, but nothing really bad… just a little uglier than what the Geckos and the Webkit do, so I guess it’s alright.
    I’m not even trying to start to think about what it could’ve meant to do this with M$IE on the desktop..! I would’ve probably gone back to Blogger :)

    I haven’t used IE for more than a year now, not even for testing. From time to time I see it on BrowserCam, but only when it’s a desperate thing… other than that, no shitbrowser for me and my Mac ;)

    Thanks a lot for the offer to help with the PHP, Charl, it’s extremely kind of you! When I’ll know what to ask, I’ll definitely ask you :)
    Meanwhile, I’ve been told I need to go and do some reading, “at least learn the difference between echo and print, for Christ’ sake, Dali!” :)

    It’s good to hear from you, dude, thanks for dropping by!

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