Back To Tokyo

I’m back and it’s all good ;)

It’s been the best — and longest — holiday I ever took… the damn’ jetlag is well worth it :)

So the shop is open, I’m back to the usual schedule. If you sent me an e-mail and I haven’t replied yet, please give me a couple more days; my inbox is full and it’ll take a little while until I catch up.
I’ve already updated the calendar and removed the “away announcement”s so — if you’re coming from the website — you already know I’m back.

I have a couple of things I want to write about, such as a “Part II” for the “Cretins of the WWW” and a major rant about how bad Alitalia sucks, but I’m going to put all these on hold until I’m done with replying to e-mails and finishing up design jobs I had started before the trip.

Meanwhile — as I promised — I’ve got a bunch of new photos added to flickr, in the brand-new “Bucharest–Paris–Roma, August–September 2005” set so if you have a minute and are curious, have a look. It’s not complete yet, I still have almost one hundred pics on my desktop — editing and uploading as we speak — and I still need to add titles, descriptions and tags, but I guess I’ll get it done in a couple of days.
I had a bunch of new photos added to flickr, but I closed my Yahoo account and quit that piece of censor shit, so the photos are not online anymore.

The chronological order is all screwed up — when I was editing the images, I was also saving them with new names, which caused them to be sorted in a different order (alphabetical) — and some of them appear as “taken in September” although they were taken in August (I always destroy metadata and EXIFs, because they weigh too much), but I guess it doesn’t really matter, because I’m not looking to tell a story but merely to share some of the sights I’d seen ;)

Anyway, maybe I’ll figure out a way to re-order them later, so don’t bookmark anything, because I might change some titles too.

So I’m going back to work — I need to send a dozen more e-mails and do some more drawings — and I’ll be back, in a week or so, with two new articles.
Have a great weekend!